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Odoo Implementation

The successful implementation of Odoo ERP modules is a procedure in the Odoo implementation process. Sales, purchase, accounting, inventory, CRM, eCommerce, invoicing, manufacturing, employee management, and many other business management modules are available with Odoo implementation and can be used in a variety of business industries.

If done without the help of Odoo implementation experts, successful Odoo implementation could be challenging. This means that in order to attain successful implementation of Odoo ERP, you will require assistance from Odoo implementation partners. Simply said, the success of the business depends on correctly working on Odoo implementation methodology. It is obvious that choosing the best Odoo implementation partners is the only factor affecting the successful implementation of Odoo.

O2b Technologies offers their clients full-service support for Odoo implementation services. Our specialized team includes technical and functional Odoo consultants, front end, back end, mobile app, and other Odoo developers, along with quality analysts, project managers, and others. Choosing O2b Technologies as your partner for Odoo implementation partners would be the best move for your business.

Process for Odoo Implementation

1. Identify desired business objectives

First, we must properly identify the desired business goals. Only then can service providers advise clients on the best options.

2. Budget Allocation

At this step, the client must prepare a budget for the successful implementation of Odoo.

3. Choose the ideal ERP.

We must choose the best ERP for our business from the ones that are currently available on the market.

4. Choose the best implementation partner

After choosing the best ERP for our business, we must choose the best Odoo implementation partners to implement the ERP.

5. List the phases of implementation

Different phases of implementation must be defined, as must the execution of Odoo implementation strategy.

6. Choose the ideal hosting strategy

We must choose the best hosting option for the chosen ERP.

7. Configuration and Installation

As needed, we will install and set up the ERP

8. Data Transfer

We'll migrate all of your important old data to the new ERP.

9. Testing

We will completely test the complete ERP.

10. Training

Will provide users of our ERP with training.

11. Liven Up

We'll launch and begin utilizing the ERP.

12. Support And Maintenance

We'll provide the required maintenance and support.

Reasons for Odoo Implementation

  • 01Customizable Design
  • 02Open Source
  • 03Simple Integration
  • 04Wider Scope
  • 05Reduced Costs
  • 06Increased Teamwork
  • 07High Scalability
  • 08Constant Growth
  • Analysis of Requirements
  • We accurately understand your customers' requirements intially. Without understanding and evaluating your business objective, it is quite difficult to develop the best possible solution. When making decisions, we always put the needs of the consumer ahead.

  • Development and Customization
  • After understanding, we continue with the development of Odoo ERP. The goal of module development is to best serve your business. We make sure that development is executed in accordance with professional standards and norms.

  • Deployment and Configuration of Odoo
  • We give you a lot of customizable flexibility to meet your company needs. We handle all ERP operations and analysis tools to meet the demands of your business. As a result, users can completely customize and personalize their work page.

  • Data Transfer
  • One of the essential aspects of ERP implementation is data migration. Data must be accurate and complete for a business operation to be effective. Odoo implementation experts transfer your existing data with the utmost care and attention to the new Odoo ERP from the current application, including software, excel files, older versions of Odoo, etc.

  • Go Live
  • Always at your side to lend a helpful hand in navigating all complexities We work with you to choose the best way for successful Odoo implementation so that you can advance your company.

Benefits of Odoo Implementing for your Business

Instant Implementation:

You only need to set the system to work on your guidelines with over 3000 Apps already developed for your service and a large active community. Odoo gives you a lot of flexibility, which facilitates in a quick and successful implementation of Odoo .

Integrated Data:

All business applications are seamlessly integrated to each other, resulting in a smooth flow of information that ultimately saves you from data duplication.

Improved Productivity:

Because there is no data duplication and information is flowing in real time, there is a certain increase in staff efficiency. The system also streamlines business processes and functionality, making it easier and more efficient for businesses to collect data.

360º Odoo Reports:

Generates PDF, Excel/CSV, or visually appealing Dashboard Reports. Odoo's Dynamic Reporting System can help. With a Dynamic Dashboard system, you can now generate reports for almost any system operation.

Cost - effective Implementation :

It is an open source solution that does not require a large concurrent licence fee.

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