How to create new modules in Odoo?

How to create new modules in Odoo

How to create new modules in Odoo?

Odoo, a flexible and effective open-source ERP system, has grown in popularity due to its scalability and flexibility. The capacity to construct bespoke modules, which allows organisations to Customize the ERP to their individual needs, is one of its most enticing advantages. In this blog, we'll look at the process of developing new Odoo modules, with an emphasis on the experience and advice of O2BTechnologies, a key participant in the Odoo ecosystem.

Odoo Modules: An Introduction

Before we go into the construction procedure, let's first define Odoo modules. A module in Odoo is a self-contained package that contains specialised capabilities or features. Modules can range in size from minor, specialised add-ons to large extensions that drastically modify Odoo's basic capabilities.

The Function of O2BTechnologies

O2B Technologies is a well-known Odoo ERP Services provider, noted for its skill in module creation and modification. Their extensive understanding of Odoo and expertise in customising solutions make them a perfect partner for firms looking to develop custom modules.

Creating New Modules in Odoo: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let's have a look at the procedures involved in building new modules in Odoo, as explained by O2BTechnologies:

Establish Module Requirements

The first and most important step is to outline your module's needs. What specific features do you wish to add or change in Odoo? O2BTechnologies can help you explain your Requirements so that your module efficiently answers your business demands.

Plan Your Module Design

It is critical to plan ahead of time to ensure that your module is well-structured and organized. Define the models, views, and actions that your module will require. O2BTechnologies can assist you in developing a precise module plan that will act as a blueprint for development.

Make a Module Skeleton

Once you've decided on a strategy, it's time to build the module skeleton. This entails creating the required folder structure and files. O2B Technologies can assist you in this process, ensuring that your module follows best practices.

Establish Models and Fields

Models in Odoo represent various data items, while fields describe the properties of those objects. O2B Technologies can help you define custom models and fields that correspond with the goals of your module. These models and fields are essential for data storage and manipulation within your module.

Make Views

Views in Odoo govern how data is presented to users. O2B Technologies can assist you in creating custom views that offer your module with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Depending on your needs, these views may comprise forms, lists, and kanban boards.

Apply Business Logic

Your module's heart is its business logic. O2B Technologies can help you write Python code to get the needed functionality. Processes may be automated, computations performed, and business rules enforced.

Complement Existing Odoo Modules

Custom modules must often interface with existing Odoo Modules. Using Odoo's comprehensive API and hook capabilities, O2B Technologies can assist you in ensuring seamless connection.

Test Thoroughly

Testing is an important www in module development. O2B Technologies can walk you through the testing process, assisting you in identifying and resolving any problems or defects. Thorough testing guarantees that your module works as intended and is error-free.

Module Documentation

Proper documentation is critical for your module's long-term maintenance and use. O2B Technologies will help you create documentation that describes how to properly install, configure, and operate your module.

Install Your Module

When your module has been fully produced, tested, and documented, it is ready to be deployed in your Odoo environment. O2B Technologies can assist you with the deployment process to ensure a seamless transition.

Continued Assistance

O2B Technologies recognises that module development does not stop at deployment. They provide continuing support to resolve any difficulties, upgrades, or modifications that may develop over time, assuring the module's continued operation.


Creating custom modules in Odoo is an effective approach to customize the ERP system to your specific business needs. Businesses may confidently begin on the road of module creation with the direction and experience of O2B Technologies, a renowned leader in the Odoo ecosystem. O2B Technologies can assist you in navigating the difficulties of Odoo Module Development, whether you want to improve certain procedures, automate operations, or add new features. You can unleash the full potential of Odoo ERP and push your business operations to new heights by teaming with specialists like O2B Technologies.

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