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Fleet Management Software

Allow Odoo Fleet Management Software to Solve your Fleet Challenges

The process of managing commercial vehicles for an organization or corporation is known as fleet management. An effective fleet management system will help the company in increasing revenue and efficiency. An effective fleet management system will assist the company in managing all vehicle-related activities, such as repairs and maintenance, as well as the administration of the staff who operate and maintain the vehicles.

Fleet Management Software (FMS) is an important business management tool for those organizations that are involved with vehicle management. It helps companies in the management, organizing, and coordinating their vehicles in the fleet with the help of a centralized data platform. FMS track, analyze and improve your fleet operations. This software reduces costs, improves performance, and it also ensures compliance with government regulations. The main function of FMS is to gather, store, process, monitor, report on, and export information. FMS manage all type of vehicles- cars, trucks, buses, etc., FMS also includes driver management, incident Management, and tracking.

fleet management necessary

Why is implementation for fleet management necessary?

The work done by several fleet management employees can be performed by software, which can also serve as the fleet manager's effective helper. Whatever your field of work, if you manage fleet-related operations, an ERP application can help you keep track of the vehicles' registration, repairs, maintenance, driver and fuel usage, and many other aspects. The fleet manager may be able to put their fears to rest as a result. Additionally, it will guarantee constant vehicle monitoring and an accessible system of management.

Key Advantages of a Fleet Management Software

  • Driver Management
  • Travel Detail Management
  • Contract Management
  • Fuel Log Maintenance
  • Vehicle Management
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Number Monitoring
  • Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Management

Fleet Management Software with O2b Technologies

O2b Technologies has FMS, which provide a solution to all the organizations involved in the fleet management process. Our fleet management software serves the transportation sector and helping companies of all sizes to improve the productivity, reliability, routing, safety, and compliance of their transportation assets. As a GPS-based, it serves the needs of drivers, vehicles, customers, and managers while meeting government regulations. Our FMS covers every aspect of fleet management which includes data and analytics, planning and delivery, productivity, safety, and security as well as transportation management. Our software is scalable for a fleet as small as two vehicles to large enterprise-sized fleets.

Our FMS automates dispatch, scheduling & routing and it has powerful features like alerts, reports, and sensors, and works in any country. To reduce operational cost and saving your precious time, our software has all the attributes, which ensures you to manage your fleet very efficiently.

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