Mastering Odoo: Comprehensive ERP Training for Business Success

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Odoo ERP Training

Odoo ERP Training

Learn from Odoo consultants how to manage and implement your ERP application successfully using Odoo. Stay ahead by becoming trained in Odoo training by Odoo experts . We offer a thorough Odoo module training and suitable preparation.

We offer Odoo online training that can be carried out using several online communication tools like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. By sharing the screen with users, we connect with them while demonstrating how the system operates and what they should do to prevent operational difficulties.

Odoo Functional Training

Odoo functional training is a procedure that fully informs Odoo software users on all of its features and functionalities. It enables them to make the greatest use of the system and to make the most of Odoo ERP. To guarantee that users (mainly employees) are aware of the Odoo functionalities and how they should be utilized correctly, Odoo software training is required. For example, if the sales staff is unable to use the CRM and sales modules, productivity and operational effectiveness will remain the same. What is the point of implementing ERP in your business environment if everything continues the same even after implementation?

We support our clients by providing Odoo functional training. The Odoo functional training technique is straightforward, and training sessions are organized by Odoo experts. For example, the Odoo functional training is divided into 5 sections: sales & CRM, inventory, purchases, administration, and human resource. The sales employees are educated and given an overview of the CRM and sales module functionality in the first session. The warehouse team is trained in the second session, and so on.

  • 01You will be trained on the most recent version of Odoo during training.
  • 02The installation, management, and configuration of the main modules are simple to understand.
  • 03Learn the basics of developing and customizing with Odoo Studio.
  • 04Time and money efficient
  • 05Effective and efficient business expansion

Advantages of Odoo Functional Training

  • 01an enable the technical staff.
  • 02To know Odoo's operational concepts
  • 03Providing insightful advice to increase an organization's efficiency through the correct documentation of system settings and development of guidelines that enable other Odoo consultants to make additional adjustments or quickly resolve issues
  • 04Understanding complex Odoo configurations and producing test scripts for evaluating the configured scenarios.
  • 05Understanding complex Odoo configurations and producing test scripts for evaluating the configured scenarios.
  • 06Understanding the usability of the Odoo system and correctly implementing all business operations
  • 07To communicate with other Odoo consultants on any needs for third-party application integration.

Odoo Technical Training

Odoo Technical training is intended primarily for beginners and IT specialists interested in customizing and developing Odoo. The following topics are covered in technical training:

If the client has a technical team that can handle things technically, Odoo technical training is necessary. We provide them Odoo technical training so that their employees can update the menus, lists, and form views. Additionally, this will assist them in setting up security measures and preparing company reports. The majority of the time, our staff can address these issues, but if the customer has a technical team and wants them to learn a few things so that they can handle independently, we provide the best Odoo technical training.

  • 01Windows and Linux users can use Odoo.
  • 02View of the Odoo Framework
  • 03Discover the development of Odoo applications.
  • 04Know how to resolve technical issues.
  • 05Odoo supports different programming languages.

Advantages of Odoo Technical Training

  • 01Become an ERP backend administrator to monitor and operate ERP for your business.
  • 02Be capable enough to fix basic issues.
  • 03Installing Odoo successfully and managing it with all necessary modules and packages
  • 04Successfully installing community/uncertified Odoo modules
  • 05Utilize/call the Odoo API to include external systems
  • 06Have the capabilities required to develop your own customized module
  • 07According to your needs, create or expand business reports in Qweb/RML
  • 08Being able to use the Odoo front end to design bespoke screens
  • 09Model, views, actions, wizards, and other essential administrative activities should be created.
  • 10Odoo's current displays and workflows can be changed.
  • 11Set up access rights and regulations according to your needs.

O2b Technologies for Odoo ERP

No matter the size, industry, or location of the business, implementing Odoo ERP has huge benefits. However, for any organization to successfully implement Odoo ERP, Odoo module training is necessary.

In other words, getting end-user Odoo training by Odoo experts is essential if you want to improve the productivity of your business. The team of certified and experienced trainers at O2b Technologies can provide the best Odoo software training services, ensuring that your employees will be more productive overall.

O2b Technologies offers Odoo online training courses that are of a high standard and stick to the learners' time constraints.

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