Is Your Goal To Maximize Profit

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Is Your Goal To Maximize Profit

08/02/2019 11:12:21 In Our Blog

Every business has a goal to maximize profit. There are numerous ways to maximize profit such as increase selling price, maximize sales and minimize operational costs. ERP software truly helps you in achieving all your goals. Usually, organizations are not aware of all the benefits associated with the ERP software, they know that it only increase business efficiency. All things considered, the main objective of ERP is to minimize costs and implementation cost of all the ERP system is not so high. It is affordable for all size of businesses. For example, implementation of major ERP software such as SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle cost a lot, but Odoo ERP system costs a lot less than these.

At the same time, implementation of ERP software like Odoo is so affordable for all range of businesses. Important to realize, nowadays Odoo is the most popular ERP system in the open-source ERP category. Being an Open Source tool, it’s very much cost-effective to implement. Odoo ERP implementation is ¼ of the implementation cost of proprietary applications.

Below is the list of benefits that Odoo over its competitors:

Single software: Some small companies are also using multiple applications such as Human resource software, customer relationship management software to manage various departments. Multiple applications lead to multiple vendors & software management. Therefore it is advisable to use ERP software instead using the variety of software.

Cost-Effectiveness: Many Small and Medium Enterprises in India are cost-conscious due to limited IT budget and because of this reason, many SME’s ignore using ERP software for their business. All things considered, Open Source ERP is the most preferred software by all size of businesses. Initially, it helps in streamlining the entire business process and it can fulfil all the specific needs of any business organization through customization. 

Easy Availability: Open source ERP software is available freely on the Internet – Before selecting for your organization you can even do Market research or implement it as a proof of concept to check the suitability with your Process organization. Do not since it is available freely on the internet doesn’t mean it is not effective. Open Source ERP systems have robust features that will definitely meet all kind of business requirements.

Quick Implementation: Open source ERP software can be implemented quickly since there are varieties of modules which can be used as per the suitability of the organization; therefore we can say that it can be the best-suited ERP system for SMEs, as it is quite affordable in comparison to Proprietary software which has heavy costs.

Customization:  There are numerous business process and workflows and to fulfil the requirement of each process is possible with the hassle-free customization that meet all the needs of the company.

No Licensing Cost: There is no licensing fee for the users in an Open Source ERP software, it is one of the topmost cost-effective factors. It is so obvious that large enterprises can easily pay licensing fees, but to keep SMEs in mind Open ERP does not get license fees from SMEs. 

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