Advantages of Customization

Increase Performance Using Customization

Increase Performance Using Customization

In the beginning, businesses want to get a solution and implement it directly into their process considering saving their resource investment like time and money. But, when a ready to use did not give results as expected, customization of ERP comes to match their business requirements.

Odoo ERP is a fully automated, integrated, and customizable solution for all business types that helps to increase their business outputs and helps the business operation to run smoothly and efficiently.

O2b Technologies provide customization of Odoo ERP with the assurance of its successful development and implementation.


All businesses sooner or later go for some kind of ERP Customization in their tenure. There can be multiple reasons for those, a few of them are here:

  • Facing Complexities in the Business Operations: When any business starts facing complexities and those complexities start hampering the business operations directly, the business starts opting for ERP customization to fix those complexities and make the operations easier.
  • Business Size: Increasing or decreasing the business size can result in Odoo ERP customization.
  • Aid Competition: Here, customization aims to differentiate the business and make it unique from its competitors by adding new business operation procedures and serving the clients with distinctive solutions and services.

The necessity to Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo ERP Customization

To run a successful business, you must heed to having clear business objectives. For achieving those clear business objectives, customization of Odoo ERP is very essential.

O2b Technologies makes the Odoo ERP customization process at an ease because of the availability of their certified customization experts. These experts will identify what can be done with the existing system and where customization is required via the gap analysis process.

Not all businesses run on similar solutions and software. All have their own requirements and objectives. Not all ERP can cover all your business purposes. Hence, you need to find the right solution with correct customization to make the business processes run seamlessly.

In Thomas Wallace & Michael Kremzar's words, ERP is commonly perceived as a computer system . Not so. It’s a people system made possible by computer software and hardware.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Customizing ERP

Odoo ERP is considered one of the most accepted sources of ERP solutions worldwide. Customization in Odoo ERP has been implemented by various business industries like manufacturing, supply chain management, healthcare, trading, and others.

To remove errors from the Odoo ERP customization, the proper ideation of implementation plays an important role.

Here are the advantages to understand further :

1. Odoo ERP is a source platform that can be customizable matching your business requirements. The O2b customization experts can customize the source code to meet the unique business needs.

2. Having the feature of removing all additional features Odoo ERP customization removes confusion for the clients and its end users.

3. Through Odoo ERP customization the O2b experts can rest assured you for a long-term business software implementation and eliminate the chances of making changes daily to make the workflow smooth.

4. For a business with dynamic processes, the Odoo ERP customization is the best option to achieve both short-term as well as long-term goals of the business.

5. O2b Technologies can integrate your Odoo ERP with third-party software as well.

6. The Odoo ERP customization process can easily decrease the duplication of data and eliminate non-required fields.

Customizing ERP
Odoo ERP Customization Solutions

Disadvantages of Odoo ERP Customization Solutions

1. Since customization needs the addition of special specifications and functionalities to the existing Odoo ERP solution, hence it will increase the implementation budget and timelines to an extent for the business.

2. There is a restriction to upgrade to a newer version until your business does not have an Odoo ERP warranty.

3. The customization of Odoo ERP requires consultants’ advice and suggestions that can add an extra cost and can take more time.

The Odoo disadvantages mentioned here are to enlighten the leaders to simplify the Odoo ERP implementation including cost and timelines of the project.

Select Customization or Configuration

The basic difference between Odoo ERP customization and configuration is that in the customization process O2b experts made changes in the code, to access new modifications there is a need for new code while in configuration experts do not make any changes in the code as it is a part of the installation process.

Odoo ERP customization needs a higher level of technical knowledge which O2b Technologies is providing by their certified customization expert who carries years of experience.

Our team initially tries to match all the business requirements via configuration process only but, to meet the specific business requirement and to add additional features & functionalities in the existing modules, there is a need to opt for the customization process.


1What is the cost involved in Odoo ERP customization?

The cost depends upon the modification of functionalities and modules in the existing Odoo ERP system.

2Can configurations meet the requirements?

In some cases, yes they do.

3What is the guarantee of successful customization?

Under the consultancy of O2b Technologies’ certified experts, you will get the guarantee of minimum errors with a maximum success rate of customization.

4What is the time required for Odoo ERP customization?

The time required depends upon the number of modifications and changes.