Best way to manage employee leave

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Best way to manage employee leave

09/03/2019 11:23:25 In Our Blog

Leave management seems to be the simplest HR activity but it is one of the crucial HR activity. Managing employee leave consumes a significant portion of HR team’s time. A reliable leave management system plays an important role in success of an organization. Poor leave management affects employee’s performance negatively which can be a serious issue for any organization. Automating employee leave management eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow-ups. It saves time and reduces cost.

O2b Technologies has best employee management system which eliminates complex and manually managed leave programs. We integrate our leave management system with employee self-service portal, here employees are able to request leaves and access leave benefits. Employees can also view their leave balances and track their leaves for each month. Manger can view and approve requests in real time. With the help of this system managers are able to view all employee’s leaves in one view and it also helps them to allocate tasks during absence of their employees. 

O2b Technologies make leave management process hassle-free for both the management and the employees. We have functionalities which makes our leave management system  very efficient such as we have, All-In-One Dashboard, Configurable Fields ( Leave type, Policies, Holiday list), Auto-Update Leave Balance, Customizable Approval Workflow and Integration with other HR modules ( Payroll, Timesheet management). Our system reduces load on HR team.