Odoo Support Pack

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Constant support from certified Odoo partner companies helps businesses to get their issues fixed at the right time. Whether you are using Odoo community, Odoo enterprise, or Odoo online, obtain the best in class Odoo support by purchasing an Odoo support pack from Odoo service providers.

Odoo ERP Support By Us

Odoo ERP is an open source, flexible, scalable, and modular business management software. It helps businesses manage all the functions including customer relations, sales, invoicing, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, project, accounting, etc. Also, this ERP platform is a good fit for all sizes of companies as well as all types of industries. The reason for being a perfect software for all businesses is that Odoo ERP is highly customizable. This means Odoo can be fully customized to match the exact business requirements.

Once you implement Odoo ERP, you may start looking for further enhancements like customizing your system, integrating your system with third-party solutions, developing a new app, and more. At this stage, you will need the support from Odoo partner company, they will help you with all your requirements. Not only will you need their assistance in customization and integration. But also they will help you with functional issues, technical issues as well as server issues.

Odoo Support Pack

Odoo Support Pack: One-Stop Solution For Your Odoo Needs

Odoo Support Pack

The top Odoo partner companies offer the best Odoo support packs to Odoo users whether they are using the Odoo community or enterprise. After implementing Odoo in your business you might face certain usage restrictions. And with the right Odoo success pack, you will be able to get functional support from the Odoo functional consultants. O2b Technologies, being an Odoo silver partner ensures that our clients can easily use the system without facing technical or functional challenges. We offer top-notch Odoo support services for technical, functional, and server issues at a very reasonable price.

Managing and tracking your business operations in the best way is only possible when you have perfectly working software. Further, to keep your software working properly you will need to have consistent support from your ERP vendor. They are the ones who can help you with technical errors, functional issues, and server maintenance. All things considered, purchasing an Odoo support pack is one of the best things you would do to keep your business running smoothly and reduce downtime.

Organizations using Odoo ERP are qualified for getting the robust Odoo support package that is specially crafted for them. Odoo users are the ones who will need technical and functional support to use their Odoo bug-free.

Odoo Support Packs We Offer

O2b Technologies, an Odoo silver partner, has crafted Odoo support packages for its users. Our packages are suitable for all sizes and types of businesses, which means we offer multiple types of Odoo pricing packs from which a user can choose. You are not bound to pick the costly support plans, you can choose the Odoo support packages on the basis of your budget, project, and business requirements. You will get support in various cases including, custom module development, new developments, functional Support, bug fixing, server support, and so on.

1. Hourly Odoo Support Plan

This plan is also known as the Pool plan because in this package developers are assigned from the pool of developers. We have four types of hourly packages, you can choose any of the plans and our team will start working on your requirements. Also, these hours are valid for a lifetime, which means you can use them whenever you need them.

  • 25 Hours Odoo Support Pack
  • 50 Hours Odoo Support Pack
  • 75 Hours Odoo Support Pack
  • 100 Hours Odoo Support Pack

2. Monthly Support Plan

In the monthly Odoo support pack, you will get a dedicated team of developers, quality analysts, and functional consultants, who will work dedicatedly on your project. Currently, we are offering three types of monthly Odoo pricing packs in which you will get a team of Odoo specialists and their capacity will be predefined.

Odoo Development Plan 1

  • Odoo Developer (50% Capacity)
  • Quality Analyst (25% Capacity)
  • Functional Consultant (25% Capacity)

Odoo Development Plan 2

  • Odoo Developer (100% Capacity)
  • Quality Analyst (50% Capacity)
  • Functional Consultant (50% Capacity)

Odoo Development Plan 3

  • Odoo Developer (150% Capacity)
  • Quality Analyst (75% Capacity)
  • Functional Consultant (75% Capacity)
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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Annual Maintenance Contract

To rectify the errors in Odoo and to use it efficiently, support packs and maintenance contracts are necessary. AMC, annual maintenance contract services provided by top Odoo partner companies, will help you get out of unfavorable circumstances. AMC is a service agreement between the client and the Odoo partner.

O2b Technologies offers the best Odoo annual maintenance contract services on your demand and allocates the dedicated Odoo expert team. They will fix all your bugs or technical errors and will make your Odoo function better and faster. The on-time resolution of the issues ensures enhanced productivity if your Odoo. We offer AMC services at a very reasonable price and make sure all your issues get resolved before the given time frame. It is a monthly maintenance subscription that includes constant Odoo support, bug fixes, and maintenance.

Types Of Odoo Support

Odoo Functional Support

If users face difficulties while using Odoo ERP or understanding its functionalities, the Odoo expert team provides suitable Odoo functional support. The functional support providers will help you with the system configuration and setup of the Odoo as per your business needs. Also, Odoo experts will educate users about the features and functionalities so that they can use the system seamlessly and improve operational efficiency. Getting functional support from Odoo ERP experts facilitates a better user experience. All things considered, if you are facing issues in using and configuring Odoo modules like sales, inventory, accounting, etc, do not worry our team of Odoo functional consultants got you covered.

Integrated Business Processes
Odoo Technical Support

Odoo Technical Support

If you are using Odoo ERP and facing technical issues or need new customization/development in the system, Odoo technical support team is capable of providing the rightful assistance. Simply put, when you face any issues due to coding errors or bugs, the Odoo developers are the ones who will get these kinds of issues resolved instantly. Although the time of issue or bug fixing depends on the complexity of the issue, they try to get it resolved as quickly as possible. Furthermore, if you submit a new customization or development request, our developers will work on your requirements and customize or develop the system exactly as per your specifications. Get the complete Odoo success pack to resolve every technical error you face.

Server Maintenance

If you are using Odoo enterprise then it will have multiple hosting options. You will get 3 different hosting platforms including On-premises (set up your whole hosting infrastructure, Odoo.Sh (dedicated cloud, and Odoo online. If you pick Odoo.Sh or Odoo Online, you will get support from your Odoo partner company. O2b Technologies has a quite strong technical team that will help troubleshoot all the issues related to the server. Once you get the Odoo success pack from us, you will have the best server support services. With consistent and powerful server maintenance and support services, your computer network systems operate more effectively. On-time or consistent server maintenance ensures better productivity.

Server Maintenance

Why O2b Technologies?

We are a team of dedicated Odoo ERP experts and we help our clients with complete Odoo services including Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, Third-Party Integration, Data Migration, and Odoo Support & Maintenance. We are a highly qualified and experienced team of Odoo experts offering the best Odoo pricing packs to our clients.

  • We follow high coding standards
  • Expertise in all Odoo versions and editions
  • Developed numerous Odoo add-ons
  • Best quality deliverables
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Odoo Silver Partner
  • 100% client satisfaction rate
  • Qualified to resolve technical and functional issues
  • Complete Odoo services in both editions; enterprise & community
  • Offers the most reasonable Odoo support pack
Odoo Support Pack
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Why do I need an Odoo support and maintenance pack?

To use Odoo ERP efficiently, all Odoo-using companies need consistent support from their Odoo partners. With the Odoo support packages in place, you will be able to report the issues to your Odoo service provider and get them resolved instantly. Also, in case you need new customizations and developments, they will be covered in your Odoo support plan.

Get functional, technical, and server support to keep your Odoo running efficiently.

What is the cost of Odoo support packs?

Odoo support packages' cost depends on different factors such as hosting type, number of modules, number of users, and more.

To get an accurate quote, contact O2b Technologies at info@o2btechnologies.com

What do your support packages contain?

When you purchase the Odoo success pack from us, you will get functional support, technical support, bug fixing, new development support, and customization support.