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Speak To An Odoo Partner

08/02/2019 11:12:21 In Our Blog

Odoo ERP is growing rapidly day by day and it becomes the most popular open-source software. Odoo covers all the business management processes and functions and it has a complete set of modules and app for business management. From Website/Ecommerce to manufacturing, inventory, and accounting,  it integrates all the modules seamlessly.

Being an integrated ERP software solution Odoo is transforming businesses by providing:

  • Extensive control
  • Higher productivity
  • Optimization for an Up To Date Bottom Line

Odoo has more than thousands of users globally and it is a proven software solution that provides better returns.  Odoo is easy to use and Odoo is well-recognized worldwide popular sellers. Furthermore, it is necessary and beneficial functionality tool for all the improvements

O2b Technologies is an official Odoo partner so we have a specialization in Odoo development, Customization, Implementation and Maintenance & support. Being an odoo partner we make sure our product meets the quality standards. O2b Technologies development team has vast knowledge and experience of Odoo development and implementation. We have highly skilled and professional Odoo developers in our development team. They have satisfied hundreds of clients by providing Odoo system solutions within a time frame. We are committed to: 

1.       Train our staff by following Odoo training sessions

2.       Become a Certified Odoo Partner

3.       We have dedicated resources assigned to Odoo projects

4.       Always be available for a periodic review meeting with Odoo SA account managers

5.       Always be the first level of support for our Odoo customers and use Odoo SA for the second level of support (mostly for bug fixes)

Another major change in our strategy will be the deployment of Odoo for Start-Up businesses. Leveraging the Odoo SAAS will make it possible for startups to enjoy the benefits of a thoroughbred ERP.

We have geared to take Odoo services to the next level and humbly understands its responsibility of leading the Odoo marketspace in India.

We assist our clients in enhancing and making their operations better by providing an integrated and wide-ranged software solution.

O2b technology’s solution is quite reliable as well as affordable for any type of development. Rather than large enterprises, now small and medium-sized businesses can also afford a software solution to make their business more profitable and grow with the current business scenario.