Odoo Manufacturing customization

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Odoo Manufacturing customization

08/02/2019 11:19:46 In Our Blog


Today the manufacturing sector is facing many challenges due to increased globalization. Globalization has brought an intense competition in the current business scenario, it becomes so hard to manage tasks and attaining a talented workforce and retaining them as well. Furthermore, handling costing of the production is really a major factor in the way of the success of the business. Also, constantly changing customers demands makes it difficult to maintain the bottom-line effectively.

O2b technologies can help you to meet the challenges by providing “Odoo” an efficient and cost-effective Open Source ERP solution that helps manage all aspects of your business. It has a modular approach so as per requirement you can go for the required module. Likewise, we have an MRP module for the Manufacturing sector. First, we will inherit the Odoo app MRP operations because this module is fully responsible for adding the Manufacturing order operation that totally depends on Routing configured on BoM.

For Requirement fulfilment:

First way, automatically create procurement order for raw materials which is defined on BoM. Now, you are able to configure each raw material Product with Make to Order so this will create Purchase Order for a supplier, but if you install the app: purchase requisitionthis will let you receive multiple requisitions and then choose the best supplier based on that. Also, you can choose the best-suited supplier for the operations.

In the second method, generate a procurement order for each supplier. It allows you to obtain raw material as per the manufacturing order and you can keep clear record of material and related supplier.

I would suggest for the first idea as it will end up re-using a certified module which will reduce future migration efforts (easy migration) and maintainability (customized code maintainability) will reduce.

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