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Get Your Suitecase Of Business Applications

08/02/2019 11:11:08 In Our Blog
Companies are migrating to Odoo because of the benefits of Odoo in comparison to old software. Anyone can start their Odoo project on their own however we would suggest you go for an expert otherwise it could be a waste of time and effort if any misconfigured. In order to get Odoo ERP, most of the companies go for Odoo partner which is expected and there is a lot of reasons for that too.

Some of them listed below:

  •         Odoo partners are trained on Odoo.

  •           They always select the appropriate strategy

  •           Keep track of project progress on a regular basis that surely helps you in better delivery.

  •           Partners have access to Odoo Enterprise source code on Github and also to bug fixes.

  •           They can escalate issues because of their direct relationship with Odoo SA.

  •           They have access to training sessions.

  •           They have dedicated resources assigned to Odoo projects 

O2b Technologies is an Odoo official partner listed under Odoo partner USA. Our team has a lot of expertise. We expertise in Finance, Information System, and Business Intelligence. We have a lot of experience and knowledge too in Odoo system. This expertise and our experiences can help you to handle your Odoo Project in the right way. We can help you to handle your Odoo project start from:

  • understanding your business and needs
  • installation and configuration the server 
  • installation and configuration Odoo system until it ready to use based on your needs
  • developed and customized the Odoo system to fulfil your requirement
  • training to the key user
  • technical and functional support

We believe in software that is full-featured, tightly integrated runs smoothly, and upgrades seamlessly.

Our mission is to provide a range of easy to use business applications that form a complete suite, giving millions of companies easy access to the software they need to run and grow their business.

30 major applications can be provided by Odoo that is supported by the editor. Odoo has a community of more than 1,500 members and they have contributed to 4000+ apps and modules that cover a wide array of business requirements. 

Partnership approach allows Odoo to provide solutions at the local level, even though it is a global company. Now it has more than 550 certified partners worldwide. This software is available in both conditions whether you want it online or hosted on your own server. Our dedicated and highly skilled developers are expert in writing quality codes and it affects our rating positively.  Our highly skilled programmers and developers not only streamline every technical aspect of your business requirements but we also have accomplished Odoo consultants to ensure you a seamless exposure in Odoo ERP customization and integration.