What's New in Odoo 17?

Embark on a journey through the dynamic landscape of Odoo's latest innovations! From a Point of Sale revolution that introduces cutting-edge features for modern restaurants and shops to the integration of ChatGPT, an AI powerhouse, and the game-changing updates in the Odoo Website, Sales, WhatsApp integration, Supply Chain, and HR apps—this year's upgrades are nothing short of extraordinary. Brace yourself for an in-depth exploration of the revamped Accounting module, showcasing new localization packages, Peppol support, and a groundbreaking scam protection feature. Join us as we unveil three new apps—Meeting Rooms, Frontdesk, and To-do—each designed to elevate your business experience to unprecedented heights. The future of Odoo is now, and it's pulsating with excitement!

Point of Sale Revamp

Point of Sale has undergone some major transformations this year, and the result is cutting-edge software that's a game-changer for modern restaurants and shops. Picture this: your customers can now spice up their experience by ordering and paying through cool methods like scanning QR codes with their phones or using a snazzy self-service kiosk.

Now, let's talk kitchen vibes. The new Kitchen Display app is crafted with kitchen staff in mind, making order processing super slick. Not just that—it's versatile enough to handle online orders or whip up massive ones, like in a bustling furniture store.

Oh, and customizing your menu? A breeze. Imagine playful features like combos for managing the pricing of complete menus (think lunch or a tasting menu) and supercharged variants. And the cherry on top? A slick integration with Appointments that lets your clients book tables online. Exciting times, right?

AI strikes back – ChatGPT in Odoo

ChatGPT has made its mark in 2023, and it's not just a fleeting moment—it's an outright revolution! Embracing this wave of innovation, we've seamlessly integrated ChatGPT with Odoo. Now, revel in the excitement as you leverage its power to generate diverse alternatives for your text across our apps. Feeling creatively blocked? No worries—just feed it a prompt, and watch as it weaves text from scratch!

The possibilities are boundless. Picture the transformative impact AI can have on your Knowledge articles, marketing campaigns, or email templates. But wait, there's more! In the Website app, we've taken it up a notch, making creating a new website or page a breeze with auto-generated content perfectly tailored to your business. And for the cherry on top, our AI copywriter tool stands ready, offering a plethora of alternative text suggestions to meet every conceivable need.

Website News

Get ready for a game-changer on your Odoo journey: the website scraper is now live and ready to revolutionize your digital space! Say goodbye to tedious migrations, manual copy-pasting, and starting from scratch. Simply input your website's address, sit back, and watch the magic unfold!

While WebP format images may not be stealing the spotlight like ChatGPT, they're quietly transforming the game. Compared to the traditional JPEG and PNG formats, WebP images boast superior compression, leading to faster page load times, an enhanced visitor experience, and improved SEO rankings. Why does it matter to you? Because every image on the Odoo Website is now automatically compressed into WebP format!

But that's not all! Odoo's Website is packed with exciting features, including a revamped overview of page templates, a fresh header and footer design, an upgraded shape library, and the addition of tags and images for variants in eCommerce. And guess what? We've heard your requests and added the ability to incorporate multiple email domains.

That's not the end of the excitement—brace yourself for a complete makeover of the customer portal, along with a revamped front end for eCommerce, Events, Forums, and Appointments. The future of Odoo's Website is here, and it's brighter than ever!

Unleash the power of your sales with these formidable secret weapons!

This year, brace yourself for the game-changing upgrades unleashed by Odoo! Elevate your sales strategy with the revolutionary quotation builder, empowering you to craft personalized quotes that leave a lasting impression. Dive into a world where you can seamlessly integrate pictures, detailed product descriptions, custom messages, and terms and conditions—unleash your creativity without limits!

But wait, there's more! Odoo has transformed the product catalog experience, bidding farewell to the days of tedious searches and imperfect drop-downs. With just one click, behold a comprehensive view of all your products, simplifying your quoting process like never before. Upgrade to a smoother, more efficient sales journey with Odoo's latest enhancements!


Get ready for a game-changer: WhatsApp is now seamlessly integrated with Odoo! Brace yourself for a thrilling exploration of the endless possibilities this dynamic duo brings to the table. Picture this: effortlessly dispatch Sales Order confirmations, shipping specifics, invoices, snappy payment links, point-of-sale receipts, and even event reminders or tickets—all tailor-made messages right from the Contact view!

And that's not all—imagine the power to receive and respond to a myriad of message types, supercharging your customer relationships like never before!

Supply Chain

Check out the amazing new Manufacturing Order Overview! It's your go-to hub for all things manufacturing, effortlessly centralizing crucial data on component status and reordering options. Replenishment has never been smoother, plus, you can compare vendors on the fly with our dynamic report.

Say goodbye to the Tablet View and hello to the revolutionary Shop Floor app! It's a game changer for work center operators, displaying confirmed Manufacturing Orders and streamlining work instructions. A simple tap on the touchscreen, and your database gets a seamless update—efficiency at your fingertips!

This year, we're bringing you a cutting-edge approach to handling manufacturing orders: introducing barcode scanning! Grab your barcode scanner or any mobile device, scan those components, and voilà—everything is instantly updated. Automatic printing upon scanning and other enhancements make the process even more seamless.

And that's not all! The Inventory app has undergone a fantastic revamp, transforming the picking flow. Now, get real-time quantities per location as you reserve products. It's a whole new level of inventory management!

Employees, Attendance, Payroll & all things HR

This year, Odoo poured passion and innovation into crafting the most extraordinary version of our HR apps yet! Picture this: Odoo revamped Employees with a fresh hierarchy view and reimagined Attendance, introducing a nifty button that may seem unassuming but packs a punch—it lets you check in from virtually anywhere, transforming the entire Attendance experience.

And that's not all! Our homeworking module, paired with the geolocalization tracking option, brings a whole new level of clarity to employees' work plans.

But wait, there's more! For our global users, we've amped up the payroll game with enhanced and brand-new localization packages for Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Kenya, Mexico, the United States of America, and Australia. These bespoke packages are finely tuned to meet each country's standards and requirements, ensuring an exceptional payroll experience. Get ready to elevate your HR journey with Odoo!


We're thrilled to share the latest enhancements in our Accounting module! Brace yourself for an upgraded experience with our new localization packages. But that's not all—get ready to turbocharge your financial processes as our Accounting app now proudly supports Peppol, the gold standard in e-invoicing. Streamline your invoicing effortlessly! And here's a game-changer: introducing our cutting-edge scam protection feature.

It's like having a vigilant guardian, warning you about potential risks when making vendor bank transfers. But wait, there's more! Managing deferred entries has never been this seamless. We've separated it from assets, giving you the power to create deferred revenues and expenses on the fly, no advanced deferred models needed. Dive into a world of efficiency and innovation!

New Apps: Meeting rooms, Frontdesk, To-do

Odoo has unleashed two exciting new apps onto the scene! Behold the Meeting Rooms app, now equipped with a dazzling display mode that showcases current and upcoming meetings in the room. But that's not all—booking the room is now a breeze, directly from the display mode, perhaps even from a sleek tablet stationed at the room's entrance.

And introducing the Frontdesk app—the ultimate savior for those who have witnessed guests meandering lost in the lobby abyss. With this revolutionary app, guests can seamlessly check in, alert the right person, and even summon a beverage, all through a deceptively simple mobile marvel.

Hold on to your digital hats! The humble Notes app has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, emerging as To-do—an uncomplicated yet mighty tool crafted to skyrocket your productivity. Brace yourself for the transformation; any To-do can now effortlessly shape-shift into a Project task, elevating your organizational prowess to new heights!

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