Odoo : A Customizable ERP

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Odoo : A Customizable ERP

08/02/2019 11:11:08 In Our Blog

Customizable ERP not only meets your needs and requirements but also offers you to run your processes as per your choice which was not possible due to the rigidness of ERP solution. Odoo is the best and most popular Open-source ERP software and this meets most of the business needs by customization.

Also, Odoo is an out-of-the-box application suite that has numerous basic and common features and functionalities that can fit into basic business needs. Usually, all businesses want a tailor-made solution for their specific business requirements to enhance business growth. There is a mad rush for customization as it opens all the doors and enables you to have a competitive edge over others via custom-made functionalities. Odoo partners have a proficient technical team that truly understand Odoo Customization needs of every kind of business and integrate the best Odoo ERP solution into your business.

Here at O2b Technologies, our workforce is dedicated to unlocking the potentials of Odoo application development. We are veterans of business solutions using Odoo ERP over the years and with our expertise, we have driven the full potential of Odoo ERP in companies with effective implementation of RPA.

In our today’s blog is to update and extend O2b Technologies services for customizing Odoo and customization of Odoo modules.

To run the business processes as per your convenience customization is the best way, Odoo customization eliminates rigidness of the system and let your business grow. With the availability of one of the leading open source ERP software – Odoo, the problems of no customization have gone.

Odoo has loads of features including the user interface is simplified and more clear compared to the old version. Odoo customization gives you so many choices and some basic areas of customizations that you can perform are listed below:

Addition of fields: Addition of fields or dropdown menus or buttons are very simple with Odoo customizations. As per your business form layout adding of fields gets very easy.

Layouts: Now, you can also change layouts according to your needs with the effective Odoo customization

Customize workflows and business processes: Furthermore, you can customize any business process if required. Workflow and business process customization is required because in every organization each department has different workflow and processes.

New module development – “If you need a module that doesn't exist then we are here to develop a new module from scratch” – In Odoo you can develop a new module as per the requirement.

Reports customization – To meet all the requirements of any business reports in Excel/word or pdf format can be easily customized.

Odoo has 1000+ modules that are suitable for different industries and as per the industry-specific needs, these modules can be customized. Further after customizing the modules, you can even add more customization as per your business processes in case any change management happens.

O2b Technologies has Experience Odoo developers with extensive experience of years working on Odoo and have completed many successful Odoo projects for our clients across the US, UK, Arab countries you can also say across the globe

We completely do the GAP analysis of your customized requirements, prioritize your requirements and then initiate with the customization and complete testing with the delivery of the modules.