Serve Customers In The Best Way

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Serve Customers In The Best Way

08/02/2019 11:12:21 In Our Blog

Odoo is an open-source so its source code is accessible to, and may be improved upon by, the online developer community. Odoo is highly customizable, as it can be tailored to fit the exact needs of every company. In addition to modifiable database configurations, it also uses a modular system, where it starts with the most basic features and allows companies to add features through modules. These can be chosen from one of the many modules already available

Odoo is  as it cost effective and its modular approach allow business to have no. of module as per their requirement, no need to have a complete suit. it helps to manage all the important departments of your business like Sales, Purchases, Warehouse/Inventory, CRM, HRM, Accounting, Customer portal, Issues Tracking etc.

Whether you are in the services or products market, most important rule of thumb is to serve your customers in the best possible way. A good Small business ERP like Odoo (Previously OpenERP) can help you in achieving the same

Most of the companies are migrating to odoo because of the benefits of odoo in comparison to old software. In order to get Odoo ERP most of the companies go for odoo partner which is expected and there is a lot of reasons for that too.

Some of them listed below:

·Odoo partners are trained on odoo.

· Choose the right strategy

· review progress regularly and help to improve the delivering process

  • They have access to Odoo Enterprise source code on Github and latest bug fixes.
  • They have a direct relationship with Odoo SA to escalate issues.
  • They have access to training sessions.
  • They have dedicated resources assigned to Odoo projects

O2b Technologies being an odoo partner, have specialization in Odoo development, Customization, Implementation and Maintenance & support. Odoo partners development team consists of certified and hard-working professionals with high level of Odoo development and implementation experience. We have satisfied hundreds of clients by providing Odoo/OpenERP system solutions within time frame. We follow widely accepted, proven solutions and processes to provide support services that makes our odoo support & maintenance services most efficient.

Our solutions offer a vast collection of a complete joined up system applications to assist our clients in progressing the way they operate.

O2b technology’s solution is quite reliable as well as affordable for any type development. It can change the procedures, potentials as well as competence for all mid-sized SMEs with some impressive growth plans.

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