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Our Support Package

08/02/2019 11:11:08 In Our Blog
In the last few years, we have seen many clients who initiated with Odoo Basic implementation which is also called as out of the box or vanilla implementation with no customization. Odoo Basic Implementation package offers you with all the default features available in Odoo as per your choices.

Being an Odoo Partner O2b Technologies’ development team consists of certified and hard-working professionals with a high level of Odoo development and implementation experience. Before business owners express their ERP need, we analyse the business and gauge where it's lacking. We have always provided Odoo ERP solutions within the time frame and this is the reason we have hundreds of satisfied clients. We make our Odoo support and maintenance services very efficient and effective by following widely accepted and proven solutions.

Our Odoo monthly Support package crafted for different implementation including Small companies, Medium-sized companies and big Companies. First, we offer Odoo ERP support as per the number of tickets per month but once you like our services you can choose for quarterly support, half-yearly or yearly support.

We provide you with the lowest turn around time for the Odoo support ticket. Also, you can opt for a dedicated support team for 24x7 and get connected with our team via telephone, email or skype.

Our Support and Maintenance package offered by our Support Team. We also have a special support package for those who are already using Odoo and need Odoo technical as well as functional support. We have specially crafted support package for existing Odoo users they can get support from skilled Odoo developers and analysts. It becomes very necessary to get support services after implementation just to make sure your system has no bug and you can take all the required action whenever needed.

Our aim is to guarantee you that after ERP implementation, business automation does not stop. Employees would ask to change a business process, add a new field, customize a report. These changes need a few hours which involves launching a project and ultimately that brings benefits. This is the reason information technology tools need to maintain software on a regular basis. After you give our team tasks or any project, they will provide you with estimated time and finish their work within the time frame.  Acquire a support package and advance you Odoo upon the first request.

Why choose us:

·        We have vast experience in Odoo support and we fill all the business gaps to make your business process seamless.

·        We provide all the Odoo services, including support service, at very affordable prices.

·        We have hundreds of happy clients.

·        Our response timing is the major factor for choosing us. our Odoo support response timing is really quick, get instant support from our team and resolve all the issues quickly.

·        We are very concerned about the delivery timing, we make strong and intelligent strategies to provide maximum within the optimum use of the time and efforts.


We are expert in providing various services for ODOO which includes Support, Training, Migration, Offshore and Implementation. Furthermore, we have a wide range of Odoo services with lucrative offers, including Odoo support services. Our Odoo support service can be off-shore as well on-shore in some areas of the US. We are also based in Montana for onshore Odoo support.