Our Priority Is Your Success.

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Our Priority Is Your Success.

08/02/2019 11:11:08 In Our Blog

O2b Technologies #1 priority is Your success. That’s why our Global Support Services assures your success from Day One of using our support services. We provide proactive support for your Digital Business Platform and mission-critical ERP applications along your digital transformation journey.

Over the years, valuable new features and functionality have been added to Odoo Open Source/enterprise applications in regular intervals. But as the software has become more mature and feature-rich, the value received from upgrades is unfathomable.

ERP acts as a support for an organization and implementing a new ERP system is always a major consideration. Even with a mature, installed ERP, support is still critical throughout its lifecycle. In addition to the expected internal IT support, companies necessarily rely on support from the supplier for fixes, updates and enhancements and may also rely on other resources for other kinds of ERP support. Welcome to O2b Technologies – Our Odoo support system ensure that you get timely resolution for all your problems related to Odoo ERP solution.

We have a dedicated support team available to help customers overcome mission critical issues in time. Depending on the criticality of the issue we have defined resolution times, based on which we ensure that your business is not hampered due to product issues and/or delay from software support team. Our customized service delivery methodologies, coupled with our unparalleled access to seasoned ERP professionals, enable us to expertly support and complement your internal efforts as well as those of an implementer.

At O2b Technologies we provide our clients with general methodology of the support levels. Support levels are commonly referred to as “tiers.” Simple support requests are intended to be addressed in lower tiers, while more complicated support requests are escalated to higher tiers. While there are no absolute rules about how many support tiers an organization must have, or what each support tier is expected to resolve, there are some general best practices we suggest our clients to follow. We offer all our clients a simple model of 3 tier production support.

Tier 1: Helpdesk: Receive support requests, enter requests into support tracking system, perform simple trouble-shooting, route support requests to Tier 2 support as appropriate.

Tier 2: Advanced Functional Support: Determine nature of support request; provide advanced functional support, route support requests to Tier 3 support as appropriate.

Tier 3: Advanced Technical Support: Determine nature of support request and route to appropriate technical support area, provide advanced technical support


O2b Technologies has been deploying, upgrading and supporting Odoo systems. We know the complexity of supporting Odoo ERP instances. We have the skills and talent to take over any support activities. O2b Technologies currently functionally and technically supports multiple instances for major global organizations, providing multi-process support.

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