Odoo Implementation by O2b Technologies

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Odoo Implementation by O2b Technologies

08/02/2019 11:19:46 In Our Blog

                                                                                                                                     Odoo Implementation methodology

Odoo is one of the trusted ERP solutions for business. Odoo applies module based architecture ie. you can plug and play several different features and functionalities without hampering other features of the system. Odoo having minimum dependencies of module on another module, Odoo implementation is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the working functionality of the ERP solutions.
Implementation encompasses the whole process of integrating and deploying OpenERP, including evaluating it, establishing specifications, planning the deployment, the configuration of the software, loading data, installation and training the users. It does not generally extend to software customization, nor support and maintenance.

Why  O2B Technologies for Odoo implementation?

Implementation of any ERP system is always a crucial for any business organization, so as Odoo implementation. A right implementation of Odoo not only save time, resource, money but also results in a great solution that leads to high customer satisfaction and growth of the organization as well. For O2B the main point that comes into consideration is our customer satisfaction by providing them with an attractive solution consuming minimum no of resources and time.

O2B Technologies works on a strategical way to get the best result from Odoo implementation.
Steps that O2b Technologies follow to get great quality of the product for its customers :

        Gap analysis/Requirement analysis: Initial phase of the implementation process is to understand the pain points of the business process and then analyze the need for ERP implementation. After all this, we are capable of requirement gathering. So here we discuss with our customer to get the proper information about the requirement.

       Project Planning: At this phase, we focus on strategy designing by considering all aspects like resources, costing, time-frame, priorities, etc. We plan all the things so that we can accomplish our objective on-time.

        Solution Designing:  We build a solution that perfectly fits into our clients business workflow. Our solution makes their day-to-day activity a piece of cake while enhancing productivity and profitability. 

        Deployment: This is the final phase of implementation where we put the Odoo/OpenERP database into a production-ready state.

        Support and Maintenance: At this phase, O2b Technologies provides the end-user support so that they can get the maximum productivity from the software solution. Our team resolves their issues and provide solutions to their queries during the use of the solution.