Odoo for Manufacturing Industry

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Odoo for Manufacturing Industry

08/02/2019 11:19:46 In Our Blog

Competitive Market keeping every single calculation and getting them as and when required is very important to ensure your manufacturing business has pace, furthermore simplifying your business process to ensure quick tracing another important area, moreover, vendor management, production control, raw materials management and so on makes your manufacturing business to stay ahead from your competitors.  The manufacturing business is complicated compare to Trading, Services or any other sector, to succeed in any manufacturing business the base it to achieve the best. Best refer to pace, quality reliability, smooth processes, happy customer and so on.

However, to become best you need good manufacturing ERP software in place to ensure every process of your manufacturing business is smooth and fine.  Odoo manufacturing module will help you to manage manufacturing orders, control shop floors, assist in factory coordination, manage scheduling, BOM, lot-size adjustment and lead time settings and much more. The Sales, purchase and manufacturing department strongly interact to optimize your returns and reduce losses. The manufacturing module in Odoo is based on stock management and benefits from the Double Entry Stock Management for production orders.

With the help of the Odoo Manufacturing module, you will be well equipped to plan and control your supply chain.  Let us look at some of the key features of this module:

Managing Master Data: Easily create master data like Bill of materials to calculate raw materials needed, view revisions, define priorities for a bill of materials and set units of measurements, check production efficiency. Odoo is capable of automatically deciding on the manufacturing route according to the needs of the company and routing information can be attached to the bill of materials. 

Procurements Automated: With make-to-order system rules automate procurement orders, which means when an order is placed by the organization or individual, production planning goes according to that. Exception management allows you to handle blocked procurements. Advanced push and pull rules help you manage complex routes in your warehouses.

You can also handle procurement orders in Odoo manually when procuring internally.  Handling Sales: You can install the Odoo Sales Module with the manufacturing module. The Sales Orders drive your procurement and invoicing processes and also generates your product needs for planning. Integration with accounts allows real-time accounting valuations and deeper reports on the costs and revenues for your manufacturing operations. 

Planning & Scheduling Production: You can plan the production in an easy way using the Planning menu which provides a calendar view. You can select days to create orders, see already planned orders or change the starting date for an order 

Sub-Contracting Production Operations: On confirmation of a production order, Odoo automatically generates delivery orders to send to raw materials supplier and on the confirmation, the Production order is activated. Finished goods are automatically put into your own stores and manufacturing is confirmed on receiving the products from your supplier. 

Managing Manufacturing Orders: On confirmation of production Orders, you can automatically reserve raw materials to shorten the procurement process. You can schedule your production Plans based on priorities and planned dates. At the start of production, raw materials are consumed automatically from Stock and finished products moved to stock. Assigning Production Lot and pack numbers allow easy traceability of raw materials and finished products. 

Deliveries: You can define your own delivery and picking methods, Estimate delivery dates, define your own carriers and tariff grids for prices, create invoices for deliveries and compute shipping lines. 

Repair Management: Manage your repair orders right from repair jobs to invoicing and Stock Movements all at a single place. You can view raw materials used for replacement, products replaced from reserved stocks, perform quality control and track reasons for repairs, handle accounting entries following stock moves, handle Receipt and delivery of product from and to the end-user, keep track of invoicing items used and free repairs.

Odoo provides valuable benefits and solves the challenges. Odoo integrates all the functions of the business and covers every aspect of the industry like sales, inventory, accounting, production, finance and etc. If you need more clarification about our service contact us.