Migrate from sage to openerp/Odoo

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Migrate from sage to openerp/Odoo

08/02/2019 11:19:46 In Our Blog

Thinking to migrate from sage to Odoo. Really, it is a good option to manage all aspects of your business. There is a procedure for the migration process in which you have to export all your information from SAGE into a CSV file. if you want to change or add column headers, you can do it because Odoo can automatically identify what data should be placed in the column. Different kind of data needs to be in separate CSVs. For example, you cannot import data associated with the partners and sales orders at the same time in the same file. First, You need to upload the data of the partners, second, map the ID created in the Odoo with the partner field.

It is not a complex process but it takes some time to learn about what column in OpenERP does exactly. Don't assume a column name means what you think it means or that SAGE will export all the columns you need to get your data into OpenERP seamlessly. You can easily import partners with the proper AR & AP accounts, in case you have installed accounting app, otherwise you have to add these columns manually.

There is another option where you can use CSV files and do read the script according to them. Then you can do additional checking/modifying.

Many Odoo partners also offer migration services. But choosing one who is experienced in-migration will be great for your organization.

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