Implementing An ERP Brings Huge Change

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Implementing An ERP Brings Huge Change

08/02/2019 11:11:08 In Our Blog

ERP has been playing an important role to run the organization better. It is a software that manages a major department of your organization like sales, purchase, warehouse/inventory, customer service, accounting, etc. ERP for small business is slightly high cost. However, there is so many open source ERP system available in the market to provide better service for small to medium level companies at an affordable cost. For small businesses, Odoo is the best option as it provides a complete suite of applications in very affordable pricing.  Odoo Implementation cost is cheaper as it is an open-source ERP system.

Be in better financial state bt using an open-source ERP/ Odoo software. The most admired thing in an open-source ERP system that you can download it online with a free license. Furthermore, being an OpensourceERP you can modify Odoo's source code for creating a new app or module to fulfil your specific business requirement. Odoo is a cost-effective solution. Odoo for small business is the best option as an ERP and some of the major benefits are listed below:

1. Transparency:

An integrated ERP system maximizes transparency by providing a single information system from where the whole organization can access and share relevant data just in a few clicks. Integration totally eliminates the need for re-entering or exporting data and also reduces errors. It increased the productivity of your company and reduced the expenses on human resources.


2. Quick Decision making:

Real-time data provided by the ERP system can be beneficial for management, marketing, accounting and enables your organization to make vital decisions on time which reduces the overdue of deadlines. Teams can detect any potential issues that may bump the productivity level. An overall report of operations allows the business leaders to make an effective decision on time and respond quickly to a changing business environment.


3. Boost Productivity:

Improved productivity is one of the major benefits for small business that can be seen after ERP implementation, though it can be important for any company’s bottom line regardless of their sizes. With increased transparency by smooth business processes, employees can shift their focus on managing enlarged volumes of business. This aids in transforming various features of your business and overcoming the challenges involved in your business growth as well.


4. Data Flow

Even after your business switches to another ERP software, you can still keep your data flow streamlined with the help of robust data migration services. Usually, fast-growing businesses face the problem of data discrimination against various departments, but ERP system keeps all the data structured and streamlined. Such as you can easily get financial data that is needed by the inventory department by implementing an integrated ERP software. With ERP software, everything is in one place and all official data is available to each department.


5. Improved Collaboration

If you are currently struggling with collaboration issues then ERP implementation is the best choice to improve collaboration. Poor communication and lack of collaboration often come as a result of employees not having access to data when they need it. When all employees have access to data across all the departments, collaboration is better facilitated because these workers are better able to see the “big picture” within your company.


6. Minimize Operating Costs

The major concern for small and medium-sized businesses is saving as much as operating costs they can save. To make it possible ERP system for small businesses evidently reduce operating costs as well as save time. Small organizations can save a lot of extra expenses that they are spending on a separate data and business management system for each department.


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