08/02/2019 11:13:14 In Our Blog

Importance and favoritism of Odoo ERP is getting higher day by day. The reason behind this popularity is availability of different modules at one place and its apps perfectly pitching the needs of specific industry.

When it comes to the implementation of Odoo/ Open ERP, it is difficult to decide whether you choose an Official Odoo Partner or a Freelancer.

Why should you choose an Official Odoo Partner?

Odoo partners are well trained,  have experience and knowledge in Odoo implementation, Odoo customization, Odoo training and Odoo consultancy. Working with Odoo Partner ensures professionalism in workflow. With Odoo partner you will get structured approach and they never fails to meet deadlines and with Odoo partners you have skilled, domain rich talented expertise, who can identify complex issues, business work processes and procedures. In case of project failure they are also answerable to Odoo Inc., so they always maintain high level of standards. In case of freelancers it is not necessary they will have knowledge in all industry domain.


O2b Technologies is an official Odoo partner and we have expertise in all fragments like, CRM, POS, Accounting, Inventory management etc. We can deal with any Odoo module and various type of industries. Expertise in Odoo software makes O2b Technologies best Odoo partner. As an official Odoo partner we can access Enterprise edition source code and can offer so many services of Odoo. One of the important benefit of choosing O2b Technologies is we have access to Odoo Enterprise code from GitHub and this would benefit our customers because Enterprise version has better features and support than Community Version of Odoo.

We are delivering our development and customization services to our clients all around USA, UK, Australia and Canada. We provide our solution to wide range of industries such as, E-commerce, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Manufacturing, Construction, Warehouse and Logistics.