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08/02/2019 11:11:08 In Our Blog

Odoo is an open source ERP and anyone can get it free online. It’s very easy to install. Even SME’s can start their Odoo project on their own, but usually, SME that started their own Odoo project has a lot of mistakes, and misconfiguration that end to the system produced the trash data. When it happens, it will be very difficult to fix and it will be wasted SME works and times. 

This is a time where O2B Technologies comes into the picture as our team has a lot of expertise on Odoo. We have vast expertise in information system, business intelligence as well as financial aspects. We have a lot of experience and knowledge too in Odoo system. Our expertise and experiences can help you to handle your Odoo Project in the right way. We can help you to handle your Odoo project start from:

  • understanding your business and needs
  • installation and configuration the server 
  • installation and configuration Odoo system until it ready to use based on your needs
  • developed and customized the Odoo system to fulfill your requirement
  • training to the key user
  • technical and functional support

Some of the Odoo features explaining indirectly the reasons why we adopted our a choice on this highly developed platform:

Truly Comprehensive

Odoo has a lot of features and functionalities this platform can be said to be a complete system that fulfills all the requirements of any sized enterprise.

Simply Modular

This platform is highly modular. You can start with Odoo with just a few basic modules and can add the rest later as per business requirements.

Latest Technology

Odoo upgrades itself with the updates in the latest technologies. Along with the change in technologies it keeps on modifying.

Decreases the Usage Cost

Due to free licensing companies can save their money and allocate that on the implementation and customization services, if required.

Smoothly Integrated

It is easy to configure Odoo Integration as well as it can be integrated with other modules, third-party applications, and others.


Being a highly flexible ERP solution, it is capable to fulfill every business's needs by customizing the solutions.

Available for Free

You can easily download the software free of charge and use it effectively.

If you are going to implement Odoo, and seeking to hire Odoo expert for your business, we would be the best option for your busienss. Our team of Odoo experts makes sure our client gets the best ERP solution as per their requirement. Being an Odoo partner, O2b Technologies has a specialization in Odoo development, Customization, Implementation, and Maintenance & support.