Does your business need an ERP?

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Does your business need an ERP?

08/02/2019 11:13:14 In Our Blog

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software for managing the whole tasks of a business life cycle like production, order processing adapt, inventory management and much more. All functions and workflows can be managed in a single interactive database management system which has a built-in analytics with a dashboard.

Does your business need an ERP? 

O2b Technologies can help your business to get the right ERP. A flexible ERP system that will full your every need of your business. O2b Technologies is an official odoo partner because after working for years we found cherry on the cake i.e Odoo an open-source highly customizable with a modular approach so that you get what you want. 

Odoo is an open-source ERP so it is cost-effective and its modular approach allows business to have multiple modules according ti rheir busienss needs.  You do not have to buy a whole business application suite, you can just add one or two or as many modules you want for your business. It has modules such as  Warehouse/Inventory, CRM, HRM, Accounting, Purchase, Sales, etc.

O2b Technologies can help you to get you Odoo ERP for your organization, we provide complete end to end odoo services to our client starting from:


To make the Odoo ERP implementation project successful you need to seek for a good Odoo consultant. In our team, we have experts who can help your to get the best consultancy for the growth of your business. They observe the whole business processes, workflows, and functions very keenly and then suggest the best solutions.


Configuration helps the user to identify the different areas of the application. Odoo is relevant enough to cover-up major functionalities that an enterprise requires for it's different departments functioning. Odoo is designed in such a way that it includes maximum configuration for majority of modules so that there would be less need for development and customization.


We have the experience to install Odoo on cloud servers like Amazon, Rackspace, MyHosting, Digital ocean etc, hence our experts can help you to purchase the best cloud server, based on the configuration, which suites especially for Odoo installation. And if required, we also configure & maintain Odoo in stand-alone server at the local side. 


Customization can be referred to as providing that personalized experience in an application as per the specification of clients. Odoo offers a complete package of business apps that perfectly meets the organizational requirements, but to have some more features, functions or we can say that every business has its extra needs, here are the solutions, Customization od the solution is the best way to fulfill all the needs of any business.


Well trained employees are more apt to solve issues quickly, without disrupting the rest of the workplace, effectively saving time and money.


In a hazy situation, where an end-user tries to find a supporting hand, which helps them to resist and come out of that.  After deployment of Odoo, the cycle doesn't end. It may be a possibility that sometime end-user asks for minor or major improvement, they might have issues after implementation, or maybe there could be a bug that has to be resolved. With this in mind, we offer the very budget-friendly after-sale services.