Automate Your WareHouse

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Automate Your WareHouse

08/02/2019 11:11:08 In Our Blog

Companies involved in manufacturing, trading, distribution, or wholesale, need to maintain their warehouse and stock material by making warehouse operations efficient. For better warehouse management, industries need a strong warehouse management software (WMS). If companies are entering inventories manually, this will slow down the process as well as it has a lot of errors.  Odoo warehouse management module allows manufacturers to automate warehouse and shipping functionality. Odoo warehouse management module is created keeping in mind the productivity and quickness in operations for those manufacturers who are handling a large number of shipments every day. It Decreases your process times, automates all your warehouse transactions, and provides you with complete traceability of all your operations

Sometimes, warehouse management turns out to be hectic, due to the unavailability of the real-time data the entire operation may fail. If you are not using a robust inventory management software, you may face so many challenges like Product stock-outs, increase in the cases of backorders, mismanagement of warehouse spacing, inappropriate product maintenance, poor product traceability which ultimately results in unsatisfied customers due to unfulfilled demands.

This system has a lot of advance and smart features that help organizations to simplify the entire process of management, maintenance, and tracking the stock levels in real-time, to improve overall productivity as well as efficiency of the business.

Implementing ERP software like Odoo can make your inventory management simpler than ever before, avail open-source choices for better warehouse management. Odoo WMS has various advanced features that can truly make all of your warehouse operations efficient, like double-entry inventory with no stock complete traceability on products, Multiple warehouses/locations management, advanced routing, goods shipping management, Drop-shipping facility, Cross-docking, and other excellent features. Furthermore, Odoo inventory module can be integrated with other modules like Accounting, ManufacturingSales, Purchase, Maintenance and Repairs. Moreover, it offers an amazing integration with shippers through Shipping connectors, deliver your products more effectively and enhance the customer experience.

Odoo Warehouse management app or module is based on the concept of double-entry which has revolutionized accounting also. Odoo Warehouse Inventory management feature is as plain as consumption, loss, movement of one product to another location. It is more than that which means it allows you to complete traceability of your products from the customer to suppliers. Further advance reporting functionality helps you to ease and check the products in a particular warehouse.

One of the greatest features of this system is that it has numerous Automatic logistic rules which are; push, pull, make to order, minimum stock rules, all these can reduce processing time, and make the shipping activities more efficient. By setting minimum stock rules allows your business to raise procurements requirements automatically, which includes the system that will automatically launch RFQs and send it to the particular supplier.

warehouse management gives you the proper insights for quick decision making. You can check inventories level in different warehouses/locations within a single Dashboard of Odoo WMS. Also, this modules can be integrated with a barcode, which results in faster entries of inventories.

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