Automate Your WareHouse

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Automate Your WareHouse

08/02/2019 11:11:08 In Our Blog

Any organization who are in trading or manufacturing has to maintain their own warehouse for their day to day products & inventory management needs a Warehouse management software or WMS. Since manual entries for each inventory may not be possible. Odoo warehouse management module allows manufacturers to automate warehouse and shipping functionality. Odoo warehouse management module is created keeping in mind the productivity and quickness in operations for those manufacturers who are handling large number of shipments every day. It Decrease your process times, automates all your warehouse transactions, and provides you with complete traceability of all your operations

Sometimes, a warehouse management turns out to be hectic, missing all real-time information necessitating for the next action. In the absence of an ERP software, an inventory management business/company may face numerous challenges like Product stock-outs arising the situation of backorders, secondly the increased use of warehouse spacing and product maintenance, thirdly the lack of product traceability resulting failure in meeting the demands of customers and last but not least the inability to find exact location leading to loss of time and other resources, etc. 

Odoo’s functional features simplify the whole process of managing and tracking the stock level of business, thereby improving the efficiency of an organization.

With the implementation of ERP solutions like Odoo, one can avail open source alternatives for a complete inventory management for any business size and complexity. Odoo ERP’s advanced features like double-entry inventory with no stock input, total traceability on products, Drop-shipping, Cross-docking, Multi-warehouse management, Routing, Product shipping management and other exquisite features make it an all-inclusive suite of application for your inventory management. For further enhancement, Odoo inventory also comes fully integrated with other applications like Purchase, Sale, Accounting, Manufacturing and Repairs, Shipping connectors for executing better efficiency in managerial functioning.

Odoo Warehouse management app or module is based on the concept of double entry which has revolutionized accounting also. Odoo Warehouse Inventory management feature is as plain as consumption, loss, movement of one product to another location. It is more than that which means it allows you complete traceability of your products from the customer to suppliers. Further advance reporting functionality helps you to ease and check the products in a particular warehouse.

With Automatic logistic rules such as push, pull, make to order, minimum stock rules it further reduce your processing time. You can easily set minimum stock rules which further allow you with automatic procurements in a proper quantity computed. It also have the functionality of handling multiple warehouses on different locations, you can define the input location and output location easily.

warehouse management gives you the proper insights for quick decision making. WMS module also comes with Dashboards which allows you to check inventories level in different warehouses. The warehouse management module can be integrated with barcode for quick entries of your inventories.

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