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The Odoo  is designed to offer the best customer experience to Odoo users, from the product to implementation services. In order to guarantee that, the Odoo Partner Program ensures that official partners have the resources and knowledge required to offer Odoo implementation services.

An Odoo Partner is a certified sales and implementation partner recognised by Odoo, Inc. There are three tiers of Odoo partnership: Odoo Ready Partner, Odoo Silver Partner and Odoo Gold Partner.

The Odoo Official Partner label is dedicated to companies that offer quality services on Odoo.


Odoo Partners are trained and have the experience and knowledge in implementing the Odoo ERP system successfully for their customers. They have to follow standards and best practices while implementing Odoo for their end customer.

Compared to non-Odoo Partners, Odoo Partners have to always keep a high level of standards as they are answerable to Odoo Inc. incase of project failure or following bad programming practices. In such cases, Odoo has the right to question the Partner or help the customer to reduce any damages or even assign them to another Partner. But if your Odoo project is implemented by a third party non-partner, Odoo will not be able to provide much help, other than to advise you to work with an identified Partner.

Only Odoo Partners have access to the Odoo Enterprise code from Github and all the latest bug fixes. Odoo Enterprise has better features and support than the Community version of Odoo. Odoo Enterprise comes with support and free upward data migration when there is a major version release. Also, Odoo Enterprise users get to use the add-on modules and have the ability to use the Mobile Applications available on the Google Play Store.

Odoo Partners have a direct relationship with Odoo SA to escalate any bugs or get help whenever needed.

Odoo Partners have access to weekly training webinars and access to all learning material.

Odoo Partners have a dedicated US account manager from Odoo, Inc. in California.

Yearly upgradation training from Odoo, SA.

Ability to have bugs fixed for end customers on Enterprise licensing.

Around the clock access to Odoo Knowledge base.

O2b Technologies is a ready partner of Odoo. As an experienced and expert Odoo Partners; we are delivering our complete development and customisation service to our clients all around, UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand and rest of the world. So if you are running enterprises like: real estates, pharmaceuticals or any other industries, then ERP partners solutions are the best.

Our solutions offer a vast collection of a complete joined up system applications to assist our clients in progressing the way they operate.

We help our customers to build and design an end to end management system from attainment to delivery. On the other side, you can also start with only one application for any particular procedure as well as can add other modules. Hence, you can easily tailor a system that suits your needs.