Best Odoo Partner

Understanding The Odoo Partners

Odoo partners are dedicated Odoo service providers. They are official Odoo certified organizations with unique Odoo implementation methodology.

They work as extended arms of Odoo and maintain the Odoo legacy by providing the best user experience and maintaining the service and solution quality.

There are various categories of Odoo partners in which they are categorized by Odoo like:

  • Gold Partners
  • Silver Partners
  • Ready Partners
  • Learning Partners

O2b Technologies is one of the leading Odoo service providers and proud partners offering Odoo services and solutions globally with its branch and partner offices at various locations.


Odoo partners are dedicated professionals who are very beneficial to the development and implementation of Odoo solutions for any business. They carry expertise in Odoo related operations.

Core Understanding

Core Understanding

An Odoo partner understands and keeps the deep knowledge of this fully automated and integrated platform from its basic to advance level. The Odoo partner knows all the features and functionalities of all of its existing and updating versions.

Aware of Odoo Applications

Aware of Odoo Applications

The Odoo partner is very well aware of the operations of all Odoo applications and modules like Odoo Sales, Odoo Inventory Management, Odoo Marketing, Odoo Purchase, and others.

Best Hosting Advice

Best Hosting Advice

Under this, the client will be advised with the best suggestions regarding which model of Odoo is best for your business to achieve the ultimate business objectives with the best hosting solution possible.

Best Business Operations

Best Business Operations

Odoo partner is well informed in Odoo development which makes them draw the business process with the Odoo solution with ease following the standardized procedures.

Access to all functions

Access to all functions

Being the official and approved Odoo partners from Odoo, the Odoo partners have 100% percent access to all the features and functionalities of the Odoo platform.

Certified and Trained Team

Certified and Trained Team

Odoo partners have their inside team well trained and skilled in designing, developing, and delivering the services and solutions to their customers.

Quality Development

Quality Development

As the availability of Odoo customizing service, Odoo partners deliver a customized solution with maintaining pre-set quality and standards for both Odoo and their client as well.

Implementation & Migration

Implementation & Migration

Following the best practices in Odoo implementation, the Odoo partners can fetch the data and the applications from the existing version to the upgraded versions.

Budget Consultancy

Budget Consultancy

The Odoo partner understand that every business has their budget limitations for every new investment. Hence, keeping this in mind, an Odoo partner suggests the best solution matching the business requirements of their client.

Why O2b Technologies is the Best Odoo Partner for You?

Odoo has various partners all over the world who are serving not only in their own country but, outside their boundaries as well. Selecting the best Odoo partner for your business might not be an easy task but, focusing on certain factors like their Odoo certification, experience with Odoo, etc. you can choose the best Odoo partner for your business.

  • O2b Technologies is a certified official Odoo partner in the Silver and Ready category.
  • They are serving all over the globe in countries like India, the USA, Australia, and UAE.
  • O2b Technologies have a team of certified experts who understands Odoo and have deep knowledge in Odoo development and implementation.
  • The O2b team carries years of experience.
  • They are trained and skilled professionals, dedicated to matching the business needs of their customers.

What O2b Offers as an Odoo Partner?

O2b Technologies is a well-known Odoo partner. They are leading global providers of Odoo services and solutions.

1. Knowing the Requirements

The O2b experts will begin the Odoo operation by getting into the actual business requirements.
Knowing the Requirements

2. Gap Analysis

They will do the gap analysis of where your business is currently and where the business should be by analyzing the existing solution features and suggesting modifications to them.
Gap Analysis

3. Odoo Development

The technical and functional experts of O2b Technologies design and develop the apps and modules aiming at your business goals.
Odoo Development

4. Odoo Customization

When the standard version did not fulfill the requirements, Odoo customizations come as a savior. O2b Technologies provides you with the best customization solution to serve specific business needs.
Odoo Customization

5. Odoo Implementation

If the implementation does not do right, it will be a complete failure of the whole process of Odoo ERP. Hence, O2b Technologies provides you the assurance for the successful implementation of the Odoo platform.
Odoo Implementation

6. Quality Analysis

The O2b quality team will make sure to maintain the quality during the development as well as the implementation phase. They will analyze the existing one and revise it in case needed for the Odoo customization case.
Quality Analysis

7. Odoo Consulting

O2b consultancy service will help you with logical suggestions of experts to work on the existing solutions and also, for the new one to make the business operations smooth and seamless.
Odoo Consulting

8. Odoo Integration

O2b Technologies come across multiple integrations in the company of third-party apps for our customers.
Odoo Integration

9. Odoo Upgradation

Here, the proficient team will help you to upgrade your existing Odoo system by migrating from the existing version to the latest one.
Odoo Upgradation

10. Odoo Training

We provide desirable training to the clients and the end-users of the solution to have a rich work experience with the Odoo platform.
Odoo Training

11. Odoo Support

O2b Technologies provides 24x7 support to their clients via various channels like chat, call, emails, and their internal tool management platform.
Odoo Support


1Is there any official eligibility criterion of Odoo partners from Odoo?

Yes. Odoo itself provides the certification, version badges, and categories based upon their service experience to its partners.

2Do O2b Technologies have their branches in other regions of the country as well?

O2b Technologies have their corporate office in New Delhi, India otherwise, has its partner and branch offices in the USA, Australia, and UAE.