Inventory Management

Get a 360-degree View of Inventory across the warehouse.

odoo Inventory Management provides manufacturers an ability to regularly check stock needs and track inventory. We also empower traders to keep track of the items that are selling briskly. odoo solution provides a set of pre-built components that automates and streamlines all the inventory activities of your organization. Besides providing planners with the real time visibility of inventory across the supply chain, the system also equips you with the necessary planning tools to help you make quick and accurate decisions which are:

odoo Product Management enables you to perform Inventory Management in the most elaborate and thorough manner for easy tagging, classification and analysis of each inventory item. You can classify items, support multiple units-of-measure for an item, control the source or usage of an item, set up a valuation method, identify standard supplier, define planning type, allocation, costing and substitutes for an item, configure a kit item, and define prices for sales and purchases separately. You can also group the items for effective analysis.

Define and classify items in the most elaborate manner for easy planning and allocation.
Group items under different categories for effective analysis and control.
Achieve end-to-end real time visibility.

odoo Product Management assists your warehouse manager in the perfect execution of supply chain activities within the organization. The solution allows you to manage multi-level warehouse configurations with zone and bins and appropriate access controls. It enables ease of use by allocating default zones and bins in transactions, and account codes based on rules. This ensures usability without compromising on the quality of information. The application helps you in executing warehouse operations in a smooth manner by ensuring activities like stock status conversion, stock transfers, creation of opening balances, stock inquiries at BU, determining stocking point, warehouse levels, inquiry of attribute for item information and safety stocks. The solution also helps in lot/serial management, expiry date and retest of lots.

Coordinate the movement of goods, in and out of the organization warehouse(s).
Ensure speed and visibility across the supply chain within the organization.
Ensure the necessary access controls in your storage locations.
Trace and track Inventory, effectively