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Odoo ERP Software for Your Online Business

Online shopping is more popular than ever and is constantly growing. To serve eCommerce businesses, Odoo offers an integrated software solution Odoo ERP for eCommerce. Using the eCommerce Odoo ERP platform, you can sell your products through great online shop webpages and make purchases with only a few clicks.

Enhance Your eCommerce Business

In this age of digitization, e-commerce has been booming as the primary source of business operations for every industry. Because the company's sales have been generating more revenue, the management must be effective and secure. Odoo ERP for eCommerce is one of the best ERP software for the eCommerce industry and includes strong eCommerce management features that will benefit businesses. The Odoo ERP for eCommerce is advanced and well-equipped with functionalities that assist the user in effectively managing all aspects of e-commerce operations.

Like any other business,eCommerce businesses also need special software to manage their overall business operations. These include customer management, accounting, inventory management, and customer service. You can handle all the procedures with the help of our all-in-one Odoo for eCommerce software.

The best Odoo ERP for eCommerce software from O2b Technologies integrates business applications to truly customise online experiences. You can manage and oversee multiple websites and online shops with the fully automated and integrated eCommerce Odoo ERP system from a single location. With Odoo for eCommerce sector, you can easily set aside your worries about various business procedures and focus on the expansion of your eCommerce business.

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Features of Odoo ERP for eCommerce

Website Builder

Build your online store by developing an amazing ecommerce website with Odoo for eCommerce.

  • Website Configurator: Get a beautiful online store in few simple steps with the website configurator in eCommerce Odoo ERP.
  • Dedicated Themes: Every theme is offered for free in its default, basic configuration. For each industry, there is a different theme.
  • Mobile Friendly: No need to deal with a complicated backend because website content is automatically optimized for mobile devices.
  • Business Particulars: Integrated with other Odoo modules like the help desk and CRM is your Odoo ERP for eCommerce.
Inefficient Job Scheduling and Dispatching
Flawed Task Assignment

Online Product Sales

Easily sell your products online with multiple products variants and other options available to your buyers.

  • Product Substitutions: Make a product that can be customized for size, color, or other features.
  • Dropshipping: Requests deliveries from your vendors directly from ERP software for eCommerce industry.
  • Integrations of marketplaces: Integrate your products from eBay and Amazon to sell on various platforms.
  • Products are available: Depending on your stock levels, decide when to sell your products. Set notifications and display stock levels.

Increase Revenues

Increase your sales by offering additional discounts, referral programs, coupons and other offers to your customers.

  • Discounts & Codes: Promote the use of discount codes and coupons among potential buyers with Odoo for eCommerce.
  • Gift Cards: In ERP software for eCommerce, you can sale online gift cards. Gift cards are also usable in Odoo POS.
  • Accessories & Recommended Items: By recommending related products to customers while they are shopping, you can upsell.
Manual Entry of Client's Requests
Slow and Vague Billing Process

Marketing Campaigns

  • Campaigns for Email Marketing: Acquiring visitor emails will enable you to offer customers automatic marketing initiatives.
  • Email Template: To reach your consumers, create personalized email templates in eCommerce Odoo ERP software.
  • Discarded Carts: To turn abandoned carts into orders, start marketing automation when they are not used.
  • Tracking Links: Measure all of your marketing campaigns, from the initial click to the final sale, by adding a tracking code to your URLs.


With Odoo ERP for eCommerce you can get advanced reporting of every task and running into your ecommerce business.

  • Analytics for Sales Data: Organize your sales depending on the Partner who made the sales or analyze them based on the quantities sold and revenues.
  • Integration of Google Analytics: Understand the behavior of your customers and gather data on your channels of acquisition, demographics, the number of visitors, etc.
  • Dashboard: The Odoo for eCommerce dashboard lists the next tasks, like orders to invoicing, funds to receive, shoppers to reactivate, etc.
  • Adjustable Graphs: Display a graph on your Odoo eCommerce dashboard showing your weekly, monthly, or yearly product sales.
Increased Operational Cost
Incompetency In Meeting Customers’ Demands

Shopping Experience

Enhance the shopping experience of your eCommerce customers by offering them complete transparency with Odoo eCommerce ERP.

  • Customers Portal: Customers Visitors to the portal have immediate access to their documents, including support requests, invoices, projects, tasks, and more.
  • Search Bar: Utilize the built-in search bar of eCommerce Odoo ERP software to quickly find your products.
  • Wishlist: Products can be added to a wishlist by shoppers. It will enable repeat customers to purchase their preferred goods more quickly.
  • Simple Checkout Procedure: The checkout procedure is simple with ERP software for eCommerce. Add more unique stages if necessary.
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Integrations with Odoo ERP for eCommerce

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

Every firm has a different selection of payment options because there isn't a single Odoo for eCommerce solution for all businesses. Customers must, however, have access to a variety of payment methods for their convenience. As a result, Odoo ERP for eCommerce is integrated with a number of payment gateways, such as Stripe,, Paypal, etc., with the help of Odoo extensions and plugins.

Shipping Connectors

Shipping Connectors

Using the add-on connectors offered by Odoo ERP software for eCommerce integration, store owners can manage shipping processes. They can therefore integrate eCommerce Odoo ERP with logistics service providers and shipping companies like USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Integrate your social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, youtube and more to promote your products. It also assists in advertising your product which directly generates leads for your sales funnel. Also, this integration will also be helpful in connecting with your audience directly, knowing their feedback, addressing their queries and so on.

O2B Technologies to Boost Your eCommerce Business Growth

O2B Technologies is the certified Odoo partner providing ERP software for eCommerce worldwide. O2b has a dedicated team of Odoo experts who understands the eCommerce industry and suggest the best ERP software for eCommerce business.

Odoo provides the best ERP software for eCommerce sector.

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O2b technologies has a solution available for every Industry, addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses within those sectors.

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What makes the ERP software for eCommerce better than others?

Since teams of certified eCommerce experts with years of expertise develop eCommerce Odoo ERP software, the chance of errors and flaws from the stage of development to delivery is minimised.

Do the eCommerce Odoo ERP platform requires external integration?

No, as ERP software for eCommerce is fully integrated software and the rest, of the additionals, can be done by Odoo customization service.

Can I access Odoo ERP for eCommerce from any location, anytime?

Yes, with the Odoo eCommerce mobile application you can access it from any location, anytime.