Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration

Customized integration of multiple platforms and tools are the call of the day! Odoo helps to make your business run more efficiently, simplifying and automating the functioning of your E-commerce Store and optimizing Enterprise Resources making them interact better.

Odoo Integration developed by our team with many enhancements and features. This extension provides synchronization of your product catalog, customers, sales orders, invoices and more.

We at O2b Technologies provide integration of Odoo with E-commerce platforms

Advantages of Odoo Integration with E-Commerce
One tool, multiple functionality

Integration of Odoo with E Commerce stores offers you with a complete ERP system from where you can manage all your orders, products, categories, customers and other related information.

Multiple store management

Odoo integration with Ecommerce stores offers you to handle multiple stores from one single software.Now, managing common inventory for all these stores becomes easy, rather managing from login.

Multiple Currency and Company Handling

With Odoo’s multi currency and multi company features it becomes easy to manage variety of sales and assets from one single tool. Odoo helps you with separate chart of accounts for each company.

Shipping integration

With Odoo E-commerce integration you can also put add-on connectors to manage your shipping services;Odoo integrates with famous shipping carriers such as Fedex, UPS and USPS out of the box. Other logistic carriers can be integrated with little customization.

Any system change is a major undertaking and some problems have to be expected. You are, after all, about to replace your company’s business critical application. In our experience the risks may be minimized, however – by careful planning and effective cooperation during each phase of the integration process.

We have worked with Odoo, both as a manufacturer and as a platform, for many years. After all this time we have become real experts. O2b Technologies has a team of specialists in the many different areas necessary for any ERP implementation.