QuickBooks Integration


Odoo QuickBooks Connector

QuickBooks accounting software is used in almost every country. QuickBooks was specifically made for small and mid-sized businesses that do not have formal accounting training.

O2b Technologies offer you integrating QuickBooks with Odoo ERP. Also, we offer QuickBooks data migration services at very affordable prices.

The OpenERP is a web-based tool hence, you can manage all your accounting activities from anywhere with the help of Odoo QuickBooks integration by having good internet connectivity. The client gets real-time results and reports as and when required which allows you with effective and efficient decision making for the business operations.

Odoo QuickBooks connector can integrate Odoo with QuickBooks quickly and cost-effectively and make the workflow seamlessly smooth.

Benefits of Odoo Quickbooks Integration

O2b Technologies helps you get the maximum benefits out of Odoo Open ERP QuickBooks integration with the presence of a certified team of experts who matches your requirements at every single step.

The connector provides a bi-directional channel where the data flows in both directions and automates the workflow of the business.

  • This connector facilitates the data flow from Odoo ERP to QuickBooks and vice-versa via Odoo Quickbooks Connector.
  • You can import the data from QuickBooks to Odoo ERP and vice-versa.
  • Get information from QuickBooks, as and when required.
  • You can easily create customers or vendors.
  • Ease of creating sales receipts.
  • Invoice creation made easy with Odoo ERP QuickBooks connector.

QuickBooks integration with Odoo ERP helps you to exchange the data between the two tools and it can be used for your accounting software without disturbing the current accounting department.


Experience the Capabilities of QuickBooks Connector

We at O2b Technologies ensures the following features of the Odoo QuickBooks Connector module:

  • Odoo QuickBooks connector enables the import and export of customer data into Odoo & QuickBooks online respectively.
  • Supports import and export of vendor to QuickBooks easily.
  • Provides a single sync button on every form to export data seamlessly.
  • Import account to Odoo and export account to Quickbooks effortlessly.
  • Import payment term to Odoo and export payment term to Quickbooks online.
  • Import invoices to Odoo and export the same to QuickBooks online.
  • Import product to Odoo and export the same to Quickbooks online.
  • Import account tax code and rate into Odoo simultaneously, export tax code and rate into Quickbooks online.
  • Import employees into Odoo and export employees to QuickBooks online.
  • Import sales order into Odoo and export sales orders into Quickbooks online.

QuickBooks Odoo Connector is a designed and developed module that helps in connecting Odoo with QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a largely used account management application. QuickBooks Online Odoo Connector will assist you to integrate odoo with QBO to manage your inventory from the odoo sides effectively and efficiently.

Single Platform, Multiple Import-Export

O2b Technologies comes up with Odoo QuickBooks Connector that supports the import and export of the below-mentioned items:

  • Customer
  • Vendor
  • Sales Order
  • Invoices
  • Payment attached with Invoices
  • Account
  • Purchase Order
  • Payment Term
  • Tax
  • Payment Method
  • Employee
  • Department

QuickBooks integration with Odoo ERP helps you to exchange the data between the two tools and it can be used for your accounting software without disturbing the current accounting department.


1Why do I need two accounting systems?

Because your old legacy accounting system has data and your expertise to run that software. You would not like to loose your data but, would like to integrate it with Quickbooks.

2.Can I use Quickbooks Integration with Odoo Community?

Yes, you can.

3Is this on a fixed cost basis or on a monthly subscription?

Fixed cost price.