QuickBooks Integration


QuickBooks Integration

Odoo – OpenERP QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is used in almost every country. Organizations use QuickBooks for accounting purpose. Our team have Open ERP QuickBooks connector where you can sync all your QuickBooks data such as customers, Vendors, Accounts, Customer invoices, Customer Payments, Purchase orders, Sales orders, employees and so on. QuickBooks was specifically made for a small and mid-sized business who do not have formal accounting training. We at O2b Technologies offers you integrating QuickBooks with one of the leading Open Source ERP software Open ERP. We offer QuickBooks data migrations services at very affordable prices.

Being Open ERP is a web-based tool you can manage all your magneto stores from anywhere with the help of Internet connectivity. You get real-time results and reporting as and when required that allows you with effective and efficient decision making. Apart from the functionalities, Open ERP Quick books connector can be integrated quickly and cost-effectively being Open source.

Open ERP QuickBooks Connector allows you with many advantages some of them are:

  • 1. You can extract the data from an Open ERP and import it into QuickBooks.
  • 2. Integration of Open ERP and QuickBooks automated.
  • 3. You can import the data from QuickBooks to Open ERP.
  • 4. Get information from QuickBooks, as and when required.
  • 5. You can easily create customers or vendors.
  • 6. Ease of creating sales receipt.
  • 7. Invoice creation made easy with Open ERP QuickBooks connector.

QuickBooks integration with Open ERP which helps you to exchange the data between the two tools and you can use your accounting software without disturbing the current accounting department.

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