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Odoo eCommerce Platform

 So you want to start an eCommerce business? You may be feeling a mixture of emotions at this point: excitement, apprehension, impatience… and one of the most confusing — is which eCommerce platform should power your store.

For growing mid-size to large businesses, Odoo eCommerce platform offers a world class feature set for full control of your online channel called Odoo eCommerce platform is designed by ’users’ with more than 10 years of experience and best practices behind every thought in functionality and development. It is infinitely scalable and includes robust features not typically available in the base offering of most competitive solutions.

  • Payment options — Above all else, odoo platform integrates with a vast range of payment gateways, and can support various country’s currency (or currencies).

  • Design options —Odoo eCommerce Platform offer free or paid themes that can easily be used to modify the look and feel of your store. Applying them may be as easy as clicking a button in the administrative settings, or it may require uploading a file to your server. Some platforms offer only a few themes, while others offer dozens of options.

  • Security — Is your platform PCI compliant? Does it offer an SSL certificate? What about additional security perks? The security of your store and the customer data it contains is incredibly important, and the platform you choose will have a huge impact on this factor and we at odoo take security very seriously and we offer additional security perks and packages, including fraud protection and monitoring for DDoS attacks.

  • Easily created content — Odoo eCommerce platform allows you to easily create and manage new pages, contact forms, and on-page copywriting.

  • Online support and documentation — Odoo offers detailed documentation and support options that meet your personal preferences, like tickets, chat, or email support.

  • Room to grow — Odoo eCommerce platform provides flexibility to upgrade your plan or add new extensions.