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School Management ERP Software

School Management ERP Software

Empowering educational institutions

School management ERP is all about providing the right information at the right time. Education software helps the school’s administration to record all the data in a single database. O2b Technologies ERP for educational institutions helps you with the variety of applications tailored for numerous education requirements. Important to realize, it doesn’t matter whether your institution is big or small, we provide solutions to all size of institute. Our ERP system is built for every education process it can be either complex or easy, but it handles each process efficiently. O2B's education ERP helps your institution to become more efficient, informed and capable of delivering great student experience. All the data associated with the student’s admission is recorded in one place that enables you to manage each and every student's information. Our ERP system manages students, teachers, exams, syllabus, and academic programs all in one place.

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Automate Entire Campus Operations

Manage administration effectively

College ERP software is designed in a way that streamlines the information flow among all processes of the institution. Equally important it also controls the situation and enables you to make a healthy connection with your outside stakeholders. Our comprehensive ERP system enables transparency of institutional policies and quicker processing of documents. It takes care of documents of every stakeholder whether it is internal or external like students, staff, teachers, parents, graduates, and other individuals. ERP system for educational institutions enables administrators to unify and record all data on a single platform. In the same way, they can access that unified data from anywhere at any time with safe and secured user-defined access. With a better educational environment and improved management of the institution, you can gain the trust of students and their parents.

Student Information System

Student Information System

Get real-time updates and information

In the current scenario of higher education, as it is changing day by day, technological advancement becomes necessary. Important to realize, the involvement of technology is so important to manage evolving requirements, support scalability, and management of multiple modes of communication. This system eliminates manual processes and automates the complete student life cycle. Equally important, it supports activities for all the individuals related to the institution such as students, faculties, staff, and parents. Our system is really capable of handling educational institutions very effectively and efficiently. An integrated student information system allows all teachers, students, and other staff members to manage tasks at any time and place. It is really important to realize that the real-time updates and exchange of information enables analyzing every student's performance within a few clicks. Our school management software allows seamless management of teaching and learning in a productive way.

            Responsibilities of Education ERP

            • Admission Management –

            School management ERP software helps in creating and managing admission applications effortlessly. Another key point, it provides the facility of getting application form online on the website of the institute. As the education level increases, they add various selection processes such as inquiry, form submission, application, document submission, and screening of documents, for college admission that makes admission process more complex. ERP system for college management makes all the processes simple and much easier by integrating all the processes into one module.

            • Attendance Management – 

            Our ERP software provides a better attendance management system that enables teachers to track their student's presence during their class. School management ERP enables administration and faculty to track and manage the attendance of their students all the time. It facilitates easy attendance marking during the class that makes things simpler for the teachers. This system allows you to keep records of the attendance of each student.

            Transportation and Hostel Management – It becomes more common in today’s scenario that most of the educational institutes provide hostel and transportation facilities. ERP software enables you to control everything associated with hostel and transportation. Important to realize, hostel management includes having an accurate record of no. of rooms, floor, bed, etc. Transportation module of the ERP system enables school bus or van tracking. If the vehicle does not have a GPS device installed, then you can track the school bus by using staff member or driver’s mobile phones.

            • Fees Management – 

            ERP software for schools and colleges facilitates your students to access their courses and allows them to pay their fees online according to their course. In other words, this system enables you to plan and create student fee structure at the time of course enrollment. This software solution also manages refunds, cheque bounce issues, fee discounts, and discount calculation effortlessly. Our system helps to integrate the finances of the institutes that will surely manage the finances of your institute by controlling employee payrolls, fee payment, bill payment, scholarship, and sponsorship.

            • Course Management – 

            There are numerous courses in an educational institution and managing the entire pile of courses can be complex. Education ERP software can make things easier by managing the courses of schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes. Evolving higher education institutions has various needs to handle their institutes, with this in mind, we have developed a unique solution for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Important to realize, our ERP system provides a setup that facilitates to create semesters for different courses within the institution.

            Why Us?  

            • Track student’s presence easily

            • Get accurate and real-time information whenever needed

            • Enables effective decision making

            • Centralized database for storing all the information

            • Better staff management to manage the payroll process

            • Reduce administrative costs and better student development

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