Open Source ERP Odoo Customization

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Open Source ERP Odoo Customization

08/02/2019 11:20:02 In Our Blog


Initially, before the ERP software came into existence, companies and organizations used to execute their operations on several dedicated software, especially firstly for finance and then to manage other tasks. Using different software for each department was a great investment but at the same time, there was no clarity and visibility in the business. Then the role of ERP came into exists, the major problem which was resolved was to use the single platform to cater to all the Business requirements in one platform.

Now, most of the organizations are experiencing the power of Open Source ERP “Odoo” as a necessity for their growing Business. The Odoo Open Source Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software is very flexible for large as well as small businesses. The features and the modules of the Odoo directly lead to an increase in the profit and efficiency of the organization.

Reasons to use open source ERP :

  • Open Source ERP Solutions save money.

This is the most important factor not only for the small and mid-size companies but also for the large multinational corporations. On the long run open source 

ERP solutions are always more feasible than proprietary solutions, because of several reasons. First of all, there is a lower or no license cost of the software. Next, the maintenance cost and the external consultants and programmer fees are lower than the proprietary solutions. Furthermore most open source ERP solutions can use open source databases and operating systems, giving you additional license-free options.

  • Open Source ERP Solutions provide higher quality.

Most of the IT professionals acknowledge that open source ERP Solutions provides higher quality solutions, it is because they know that when countless independent, skilled, and passionate developers are working on the solutions and have a keen look at the software, examined the code, and also added enhancements, there is a definite increase in the quality of the software. Competition between developers is very common in open source software communities and that is the main drive that improves quality and encourages innovation. What most of the commercial ERP providers usually do is “reinventing the wheel”.

  • Technical Superiority and innovation.

Open source ERP solutions are preferred by big and small companies because they are easier to upgrade when customizations are properly implemented. Without causing any disruption in the production system, upgrades can be done. With consistent upgrades, companies using open source ERP systems will always be one step ahead of their competitors.

  • Higher security

Previously, most of the industries and technical experts discarded open source ERP Solutions because they find it less secure. But the tables have turned now, many open-source platforms are being considered as the most secured and technically superior software as compares to other proprietary solutions.

Due  to large number of contributors, it is considered more secure. For example, which one will be the producer of better quality solutions, a team of 50 talented programmers, or a team of 1000 talented programmers? Being an open-source, anybody can identify a bug or loophole and can fix those quickly. This results in better-secured software.

  • Open Source ERP Solutions bring business agility & customization.

Business agility leads organizations to have the capability to react to customer's demands instantly. Hre, open-source solutions help large-sized companies to enhance their business performances as well as productivity. The software code is not tied to vendors’ timelines for commercial application upgrades, so the companies can customize and modify the ERP Solution to their specific business needs. This saves time as well as cost

  • Open Source ERP Solutions migrates risk

It reduces dependence on a single or multiple vendors, and in this way, they may reduce business risk. Open source ERP Solution providers like O2b Technologies allow you to integrate apps and modules from different vendors in a way that will increase the overall productivity of your daily operations.

Now, let us understand the benefits of the Odoo customization

• The Odoo Customization is necessary to meet all the business requirements. 

• You can easily add or remove those modules that are not useful or relevant for your business.

• Odoo doesn't only offer customization services but also provides integration services where you can integrate all the modules as well as third-party applications web-based applications.

I am looking for Odoo Customization, What should I do?

For more information, contact O2b Technologies. We are the esteemed Odoo implementation partner and delivered a lot of successful products.