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Odoo for SME of any industry

08/02/2019 11:19:46 In Our Blog

Often SME’s will find they have a software need but are unable to implement one given the high level of overhead and complexity of the task. For growing companies, it is much more optimal to start small in a software solution and add new features little by little as the business expands and evolves. Odoo has a modular approach and being so flexible it works best for SME’s. The business has the freedom to adapt to change quickly.

Odoo ERP software is one of the best integrated and comprehensive systems which can manage all the business process and functions in a single place. Also, it offers a range of business applications that definitely helps in enterprise management. It can be seen that the Odoo solution is an ideal ERP software for SMEs as well as large enterprises. You do not have to worry about any business function, all can be managed through the implementation of Odoo ERP, such as inventory, HRM, sales, CRM, manufacturing, purchase, supply chain, accounting, etc.

Why Odoo is best for SME’s?

1.     Highly scalable yet stable ERP software that can be a perfect fit for SMEs.

2.      Compared to other ERP solutions, Odoo has come up with industry-specific modules and gives a lot of flexibility to users to customize the          solution according to their requirement

3.      Effortlessly manage the complete workflow of your business from purchasing and production to inventory and delivery

4.      You can connect your business to numerous other third-party channels to make the processes such as order management and shipping simple.

5.      Host this solution anywhere, whether on your organization's private network or stand-alone web server, as well as on cloud server. In the case of the latter, the ERP solution will be available to you from anywhere even on your mobile phone/tab (since we can also make the screens to be mobile responsive). Odoo also has a mobile app module thus you can create your very own company-specific mobile ERP App

6.      The company rolls out frequent updates which will ensure that your ERP solution is updated to the most recent version available online

In short, it's an easy to use one-stop destination for SMEs (wholesalers/ distributors/ manufacturers/ eCommerce sellers)

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