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Odoo for Healthcare

08/02/2019 11:19:46 In Our Blog

It is believed that being healthy is a way of living rather than just a goal of your life which you must achieve. It is so normal that still a lot of people do not care about health issues and ignore it so carelessly. This has resulted in an increased number of health issues, that has ultimately provoked the healthcare industry to incorporate best IT solutions to easily cope up with various automated processes.

Healthcare management sector has changed a lot in the past few decades. In the past, the whole process of healthcare management was painstakingly slow and has so many errors in the billing process. But currently, most of the healthcare organizations are using the latest technology that truly makes the processes faster and easier while reducing costs. Healthcare management software is the reason of boosting hospital and clinic's medical care processes. There are so many management systems for the healthcare sector, but choosing the right one can be a bit tough.

There are a number of open-source healthcare solutions available that restrict or lessen down various manual tasks; ultimately improving the efficiency of the healthcare business in getting the job done faster and easier.

Odoo Healthcare Management System

The Odoo Healthcare Management software is a highly customizable healthcare application that can easily fulfil your hospital's requirement whether it is simple or complex. It helps you to keep track of patients (inpatient & outpatient), billing, prescription, doctor appointments, etc. It covers all the aspects of hospital operation. This healthcare module easily tracks all the medical activities right from the registration to billing, which includes all the patient activities, documentation,  staff management,  laboratory & inventory management, appointment scheduling, pharmacy management, etc.

The centralized module will allow faster, precise access to patient records that will help doctors to move in quickly in case of emergency situations.  Automation of the whole process can make hospitals/ clinics more productive in a low budget.

O2B Technologies has a healthcare module has some of the basic requirement of the healthcare industry which can be further customized as well as per the requirement. Some of the key features of the module as follows:


  • Creating Appointments for the patients
  • Maintaining the status of the Appointments whether the appointment was done or not
  • Adding details related to Therapeutic Diets Beliefs etc
  • Adding Medicines provided to the patient
  • Adding Nursing Plan and Discharge Plan

Inpatient Registration:

Creating records for Patients Admitted to the hospital

Adding details related to Therapeutic Diets Beliefs etc

Adding Medicines provided to the patient

Adding Nursing Plan and Discharge Plan

Intensive Care

  • Adding patient ICU information like Mechanical ventilation History, Admission Date, etc
  • Calculating the Glasgow Coma Scale ( GCS )
  • Calculating Electrocardiography ( ECG )
  • Calculating Acute Physiology and Chronic Health evaluation 2 ( APACHE 2 ) score


Creating Patient Records with Patient details like Name, Address, Gender, Birthday, etc

You can add other information such as the medical history of the patient, disease history, medication details which is given so far, Patient PSC Total, Appointment history, lab tests reports, Patient Genetic Risks Details, Patient Surgery details, etc.


  • Create Lab test Requests
  • Create Draft Lab test results in the lab test templates provided
  • Enter the Lab test results in the lab test templates


  • The newborn details like Baby's Name, Gender, Length, Cephalic Perimeter, Weight, Date of birth, the doctor in charge, etc are maintained
  • Neonatal Signs and Symptoms like Meconium, Positive Barlow, Talipes Equinovarus, Transversal Palmar Crease, Syndactyly, etc are maintained
  • Neonatal Reflex Check details like Grasp Reflex, Swimming Reflex, Babinski Reflex, Moro Reflex, Sucking Reflex, etc are maintained
  • APGAR Score of the Child is maintained
  • Pediatric Symptoms checklist is maintained


  • Creating Invoices for Lab test, Appointments, Prescriptions
  • Automatic Entries in the Balance sheet