Odoo is a open source ERP system which is most popular ERP on Open source cause Odoo provides the all kind of big business application, like CRM, Sale, Purchase, Accounting, MRP, Warehouse, Marketing Campaign etc... The most benefits of OpenERP is these all modules are integrated to each other’s. So, it reduces the data entry and become automated system.

This is the only one Open source ERP which provided the 1000+ module. Odoo is a good business model with modular functionality with using a MVC architecture. Odoo provided a generic system flow, So if anyone want to use then have to know about the how to configure your system with Odoo and we are doing this very peacefully and accurately. Also, you have to do some customization on this generic system and we have provided it.

Odoo framework is not hard to use, So user can easily customize it.

Odoo framework is developed on python programming language, python is also open source so you can use any libraries of it freely.

Module Information

Purchasing a row material, is one of the basic needs of a company. Here, Purchase department can maintain information of their supplier, create a purchase order, and maintain the track records related to purchase.

Sales to a company is as important as cell to human body. Without them, neither human body, nor company body can sustain. For Company, Odoo covers all the aspects of sales management. We can generate sales orders, customer invoices, delivery orders, etc. which helps company to analyze their growth.

To maintain stock is a difficult task. But the Warehouse Management makes it very easy. In Odoo, user can easily maintain inward and outward movement of stocks.

There are 1000+ modules available which can fulfil the ERP related requirements of the organization.

Odoo is a best ERP solution for every business. Key point here is odoo is an open source ERP solution using which we can serve any customer need for any business.

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