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We will give you the reasons to move to Odoo 12

10/11/2018 11:05:29 In Our Blog
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Everyone was waiting for Odoo 12 is finally being released in October! Version 12 not only comes with usability updates and new features, but also comes with brand new modules. As a partner of Odoo, O2b Technologies has received many of these updates. And in our todays blog I am going to share the updates with all of you.


Experience A New Way to Manage Your Organization

09/20/2018 11:06:09 In Our Blog
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Odoo is for an open source business model. They function under the concept that no business applications should be priced out of reach, that they should never be considered luxury items. That’s why they developed project management software for everyone. In fact, they created more than 2,000 business applications using this same model. Their designs are simple, effective and affordable. That’s the Odoo method. This business management software can be used online or on-premise. This flexibility and accommodation is a well-respected facet of Odoo’s business.


Get The Full Benefit Of Using Odoo

09/14/2018 08:11:10 In Our Blog
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An ERP is a single point of connection, the sharing of information and data is exponentially easier and more reliable. In addition, since data input is handled fewer times, the risk of mistakes is greatly reduced. This gives the decision makers of your business peace of mind knowing that the information they are using to make daily, and sometimes hourly, critical decisions is dependable. A good ERP tool establishes, integrates and regulates the business processes necessary to efficiently plan and control an organization.


Smoothly Operate and Expand

09/06/2018 08:02:46 In Our Blog
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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the most crucial and sought after back end systems for any business. With a well integrated and functional ERP system, businesses can smoothly operate and expand. ERP solutions help businesses to stay on the top of distinct business procedures, requirements and projections. O2b Technologies is a leading ERP solutions provider, providing ODOO ERP solutions at an affordable price and unmatched expertise to its clients. You may use our services to hire ODOO developer dedicatedly to work on your ODOO or ERP project. We are an Official Odoo Partner in USA and India but still our services has no boundaries we are offering odoo services all over the world. We believe every person on the planet should be befitted with Odoo


Odoo An Integrated Solution

08/30/2018 07:52:21 In Our Blog
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Odoo is a pack of open-source enterprise management applications. Small to medium to large organizations can afford an ERP system using Odoo/OpenERP. ERP Implementation is the most crucial element of any business transformation process, a right implementation not only saves time and money but can give a huge boost to the growth of an organization. With more than 2 million users already using the services and 3000 Odoo Apps and various different Odoo Modules it has been as rightly being said the fastest growing ERP software.


Odoo’s Distinct Features

08/21/2018 10:38:58 In Our Blog
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ODOO is a complete business suite which comprises a wide range of business applications with high customization capabilities from ERP to CRM, Sales, Manufacturing, School Management, Financial Management and even more. Not only it is open source and possesses ERP capabilities, but it has much more to offer apart from Enterprise Resource Planning. It takes the functionality of Open ERP to another level altogether, ODOO has the support of a dynamic community, is highly flexible and can be easily customized as per your needs and it is growing very fast we can’t even think today