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Get Your Odoo Partner

03/25/2019 07:12:28 In Our Blog
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Fastest evolving open source ERP system in the world is Odoo. Companies are migrating to Odoo because of the benefits of odoo in comparison to old software. In order to get Odoo ERP most of the companies go for odoo partner which is expected and there is a lot of reasons for that too.


Implementing An ERP Brings Huge Change

03/22/2019 07:29:50 In Our Blog
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ERP has been plays an important role to run organization better. It is a software that manages major department of your organization likes sales, purchase, warehouse/inventory, customer service, accounting etc. ERP for small business is slightly high cost. However, there is so many open source ERP system available in the market to provide better service for small to medium level companies at affordable cost. Odoo is an open source ERP system which is the best business suite for your small business. Odoo Implementation cost is cheaper as it is an open source ERP system.


QuickBooks To Odoo

03/19/2019 07:37:04 In Our Blog
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Looking to migrate data from QuickBooks to Odoo Then, this article is for you. Data migration is one of the major tasks during the shift from your QuickBooks to Odoo ERP. And it's not complicated! You just need to make a list of data that you need to migrate, export this data from QuickBooks and then import it successfully to Odoo.


Manage Business Process By An ERP

03/15/2019 05:58:32 In Our Blog
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An ERP system helps business to manage its processes smoothly. This will help you manage every task of a business like production, order processing adapt, inventory management and much more. It also supervisor business resources between stakeholders, such as; materials, revenue, order, staffing, and manufacturing capacity. All these things are done in a single interactive database management system with built-in analytics and a dashboard.


Get An Expert Advise

03/13/2019 08:41:01 In Our Blog
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Odoo is an open source ERP and anyone can get it free online. It’s very easy to install. Even SME’s can start their Odoo project on their own, but usually SME that started their own Odoo project has a lot of mistakes and mis-configuration that end to the system produced the trash data. When it happens, it will be very difficult to fix and it will be wasted SME works and times.


Odoo Professionals V/S Odoo Freelancers

03/11/2019 07:54:43 In Our Blog
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When it comes to ERP Implementation lot of ideas, calculations and concerns comes in the picture. One of the most decisive choices you need to make before implementing an ERP is, whom you will contact or take the help in supporting the implementation project. The decision is utmost crucial, when it comes to the implementation of ERP modules like E-commerce, Human Resource, Customer Relation Management or Warehouse Management, as they directly affect the business profit and expansion.