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One Module To Manage Multiple Projects

Every Organization has multiple project and handling such no. of projects sometimes become very hectic. In order to help your organization with managing the projects we have an Odoo project management module which will help you to efficiently manage and track tasks, work on them effectively, quickly delegate them while keeping close track of your delegated tasks and finally improve productivity:

Kamlakar Mishra
April 2019   115 views

Get Your Suitecase Of Business Applications

Companies are migrating to Odoo because of the benefits of odoo in comparison to old software. Anyone can start their Odoo project on their own however we would suggest you to go for a expert otherwise it could be a waste of time and effort if any misconfigured. In order to get Odoo ERP most of the companies go for odoo partner which is expected and there is a lot of reasons for that too. Some of them listed below:

Automate Your WareHouse

Any organization who are in trading or manufacturing has to maintain their own warehouse for their day to day products & inventory management needs a Warehouse management software or WMS. Since manual entries for each inventory may not be possible. Odoo warehouse management module allows manufacturers to automate warehouse and shipping functionality. Odoo warehouse management module is created keeping in mind the productivity and quickness in operations for those manufacturers who are handling large number of shipments every day. It Decrease your process times, automates all your warehouse transactions, and provides you with complete traceability of all your operations

It's Time To Manage Your Purchases

Every business needs a system to manage its purchases whether the business Is small or large. Today we will be discussing about a system which will allow you to customize the purchase process according to your business operation whether you purchase to sell or purchase to manufacture. The main idea of Purchasing Management System helps to cut out and automate as many steps as possible while reducing costs and employee-related errors. Automate Purchase Order management across online channels from one intuitive dashboard. attempt our Purchase Order package for small business.

Optimize Your Sales Opportunity

Odoo is a pack of business applications which will help you to manage every vertical of your business. Today we will be starting with most import vertical of any business i.e Sales. Every business wants to effectively track sales, optimize the sales opportunity, automate your sales processes, improve your sales efficiency and attain business profitability. You can manage the complete sales order process from quotation to customer order, manage deliveries and invoicing, manage carriers, margin control and reporting, do price management and handle various types of sales discount campaigns and much more with the sales module of Odoo. Some of the key features of the sales modules are:

Kamlakar Mishra
April 2019   107 views

Our Support Package

In last few years we have seen many clients who initiated with Odoo Basic implementation which is also called as out of the box or vanilla implementation with no customization. Odoo Basic Implementation package offers you with all the default features available in Odoo as per your choices.

Kamlakar Mishra
March 2019   171 views

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