Expected Features in Odoo 16


Wondering What’s New In Odoo 16?

Odoo is growing faster than any other ERP solution by upgrading itself day by day. Every year Odoo launches a new version, it has some enhancements such as new applications, new features & functionalities, a faster user interface, and more. The new version is capable of enhancing business efficiency and improving productivity. This year Odoo is launching Odoo 16, it is expected to be released in October 2022, and will have numerous new features.

In this blog, I am going to mention some of the expected features in Odoo 16.


Knowledge Application

This time Odoo has introduced another new module to its list, i.e. Knowledge Application. This solution is for internal communication, knowledge sharing, and helping each other with their tasks. Odoo’s Knowledge application is quite similar to Wikipedia and Notion. Anyone from the company can write articles, blogs, or any other informative piece of content that the other employees can use for completing their workflows.

For example, if a salesperson is going to draft the quotation and move further, they can get help from the knowledge app where someone might have posted how to run the sales operation. They can do it while working on any task, it will help them complete the sales workflow easily and quickly.

  • It is best for internal communication and collaboration.
  • This app will help you centralize the organization's information with Chatter.
  • Anyone from your company accesses the information while completing workflows.
  • Moreover, one can easily create articles and share them with different departments.

Enhancements in:


CRM Module

In the Odoo 16 CRM module, you will experience more advanced and smarter features. It will surely improve the user experience and speed. Some of the new CRM features like better and more attractive appointment screens, faster email marketing, and easier contact import will make Odoo 16 CRM a favorite pick for most enterprises.

  • You will have a more advanced and clearer Appointment Screen.
  • Moreover, the appointment screen will have a new backend for better onboarding and more visibility.
  • Faster and better email marketing, easily create a new mailing by starting from the last one that you have saved.
  • You can simply copy and paste email addresses to import contacts into your database.

Accounting Module

You will get to see better and simpler accounting tools in the Odoo 16 accounting module. It will have a feature that helps you make accounting easier and better.

  • In the entries and reconciliation screen, the new bank reconciliation widget will help in managing multi-currencies in a better manner.
  • Easier and faster accounting imports including charts of accounts, contacts, and entries.
  • You will have the new journal audit report which will have better readability and useful information regarding VAT.
  • Moreover, the credit limit feature will help you get warnings on the quotation, sales orders, and invoices.

Inventory Module

This time, Odoo has introduced some amazing inventory features that will help in reducing manual efforts. There would be so many inventory management activities that can be automatically managed with Odoo 16 inventory.

  • Now, your workforce does not require you to press the ‘cancel’ button for backorder. This can be automatically managed with Odoo’s new version to prevent upcoming problems.
  • This latest version will help you force backorders at the operational level and let you avoid the mess and help the users to create backorders easily.
  • You will see the enhancement in the postcode filter on the shipping method, it will allow prefixes rather than From-To.
  • Automatic batch creation as per the type of operation, you can define the type of operation for batch creation.
  • Furthermore, you will be able to see the replenishment days in the form view.
  • From the main menu, you can scan packages to view their content.

Manufacturing Module

In the manufacturing module, there will be numerous changes. From the subcontracting portal, changes in manufacturing order management to better production planning.

  • In the latest manufacturing module, there will be a subcontracting portal.
  • Furthermore, there will be the option for splitting and merging manufacturing orders.
  • Now the customers can see the status of their manufacturing order if the link is created with a sale order.
  • There are some planning revamps in the Odoo 16, it will facilitate better production planning.
  • Now you can define which manufacturing orders need to be done in sequence and which ones need to be done in parallel.

HR module

Let's see what would be the new features in the HR module.

  • In the Sign section, you will find the option to Refuse to sign a document.
  • Further, in the Time-Off section, now companies can define “Stress Days”. These days employees are not allowed to take leave.
  • The approval section will have the option to define the sequence amongst the approvers.

Coupons and Promotions

There are a few changes in the coupons and promotions section. There are few options that aren't available in the Sales, POS, and eCommerce apps such as e-Wallet, loyalty points, etc. But in the Odoo 16, all will be available and it will make these modules more robust.

  • Now you will be using the option for e-Wallet in Sales Orders, eCommerce, and POS.
  • Moreover, loyalty points will be available in Sales Orders and eCommerce.
  • In the sales order, you can see the option available for Gift Cards.
  • Odoo 16 sales module will have better reporting analysis and tracking capabilities.

Website and ChatBot

In the Odoo 16 Website and ChatBot module, you will be seeing multiple changes, let’s dive directly into the new features.

  • In this latest Odoo version the website’s back-end and front-end interface will be merged.
  • You will be seeing the new tools and features for customizing the web pages.
  • In ChatBot, there will be multi-choice questions and a decision tree.

The complete insight into Odoo 16 version will be uncovered in October 2022. The Odoo team is still working on more new features and tools, including the Call for Tender part in the Purchase app, eCommerce setup simplification, etc.

In a nutshell, this latest Odoo version will be faster and more easy to use. With the enhancements in various core modules and better user interfaces, Odoo will make sure that business will work with more efficiency.

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