In a transformative world, we all are looking for something unique and easy-to-use software to make our business run smoothly, with reliable partners. Newgen is more than a modern technology, it is the leading provider of a unified digital transformation platform with native process automation, content services, and communication management capabilities.

Wait! Are you thinking of a partner? We, O2B Technologies are here to provide you with a smooth innovative, customizable process, that in turn enhances your customer’s experience. O2B Technologies runs on the mantra “Transforming Business”, we believe every business can have a new innovative environment. This partnership comes with low code-based for greater efficiency, improved compliance, and scalability.

About Newgen

Newgen stands out as the foremost provider of a unified digital transformation platform, offering native capabilities in process automation, content services, and communication management.

What makes Newgen Software a leader in Enterprise Content Management?

List icon Business Process Digitalization

Newgen has made business complex and long manual operations easy and digitalized them in a manner, that from customer to employee can have great experience while using the system.

List icon Content Lifecycle Management

The Newgen has developed a system to track down the lifecycle of content from creation date, and owner to last modification and modified by, everything is tracked down and maintained with the flexibility to access and deliver digital content across all channels and devices.

List icon Content Intelligence

Newgen has utilized the power of AI for accurate content extraction, automatic document classification, and machine learning/sentiment analysis for smarter decision-making.

List icon Information Governance and Compliance

The access control feature is also present in the newgen's software. Only access granted with limited roles can use the document o certain points.

List icon Employee Productivity

To enhance the productivity of the employee, newgen has implemented software that is anytime-anywhere access, management, and real-time updates.

The mission of this dynamic collaboration

List icon Effective delivery of citizen-centric services through automation of inter and intra-department processes.

List icon Improved transparency and visibility into processes through tracking, monitoring, and real-time dashboards.

List icon Effective re-engineering of traditional processes by removal of redundant steps, automation of manual steps, parallel processing, centralization, and integration with legacy systems.

List icon Compliance through effective implementation of record management policies.

List icon Providing a dynamic and cost-effective choice for organizations to thrive in the competitive business environment.

List icon Secure, scalable, robust, and proven platform to meet all current and future requirements.

List icon Businesses may reduce risks through automated compliance workflows, role-based access restrictions, and thorough audit trails.

List icon Ensuring the authenticity of important documents through effective usage of digital signatures, role-based access, and encryption of stored data.

List icon Delivered and designed ERP, e-commerce & Business process provider for thousands of start-ups and enterprises globally with streamlined workflows.

In today's dynamic business landscape, Newgen's unified digital transformation platform and O2B Technologies' customizable solutions redefine efficiency and customer experience. Newgen's features, from process automation to AI-driven content intelligence, streamline operations. Together, they deliver citizen-centric services, enhance transparency, and ensure compliance. This powerful duo offers secure, scalable solutions for businesses globally, empowering them to thrive amidst competition. With a focus on streamlined workflows and innovation, they drive organizational excellence and digital transformation.

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