Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Locations you have served?

A. We have served almost every part of the globe. Majorly our clients from US, Singapore, China, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and many more. To Know more contact us.

2. Can we have only one App rather than complete set of apps?

A. Yes, you can have a single or multiple apps depending upon your organization’s need. To Know more contact us.

3. What is your billing cycle?

A. We have multiple billing options available Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual. To Know more contact us.

4. Is there any discount if I buy more apps?

A. Our prices are same throughout the year, however we have many options to reduce your cost, let's talk!

5. Do you provide customized solutions?

A. We have catered many industries and gave them a customized solution as per their client’s need. Speak to our consultant and Get your customized solution.

6. How your Fleet management system can help us?

A. Our fleet management system can help your organization managing your fleets by recording all your vehicle’s maintenance details and also you can generate maintenance reports on your vehicle. This report will gives you brief idea what you are spending on different maintenance items, so that you can compare new quotes and invoices previous work done on any of your vehicles. Contact us and we can walk you through in detail.

7. Can I have a trial pack?

A. Yes, you can have a trial pack. Contact us to get you free trial.

8. How do I pay you?

A.We have different options to pay. Speak to one of our team and they will help you with everything.

9. Can we have a number of users?

A. Yes, you can any no. of users as there is No limit on adding users and you can decide which user will have what rights. We can set this up the way you need. To know more contact our consultant.

10. How accessible your ERP is?

A. Our ERP is a web based solution which allows you to access it on any device connected to the net, pc, smartphones, etc.

11. How do you provide user training?

A. We prefer online training, once everything is setup. However, we can also provide onsite training.

12. What are supporting hours?

A. Our support team is available 24*7. To know more contact us.

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