O2b Technologies is the hub of talent and we open our doors to anyone who is looking to join our team. O2b Technologies believes in multi-disciplinary working and never stop individuals to expand their wings and impact directly or indirectly to our brand. Our team always welcome seasonal professionals and Freshers to the vast pool of talent. We also open doors for those who wants to disrupt the ongoing working process of O2b Technologies, and create non-conventional presence both locally and internationally -- the platform is ready, the only missing puzzle is you.

O2b Technologies multi-disciplinary work enables different roles for the individuals -- from market specialist to Technical Experts, there is room for anyone who can bring change to the industry and product delivery modules. With dynamic environment, the individuals can grow multiple skills, which in turn help them to grow beyond their limitations. Our talent teams also keep their eyes on the best and reward them regularly for their contribution to the company.

Our main source of inspiration comes from charismatic freshers that bring a new perspective to our product development and services. For the seasonal professional, we offer strong teams to work with and create an ecosystem, where everyone is benefited.

Work and Play At O2b Technologies

Creating an environment that is not only work rewarding but have the right mix of fun is what O2b Technologies aim for. We believe that innovation takes place at play and minds work when relaxed. That's why we take small fun gaps between our real work and let the mind go wandering into the realms of innovation and social collaboration.

Our main source of fun are birthdays, small victories and festivals. So, what is in for you? We take care of all types of personalities by hosting events such as sports, book quizzes and more. Love astronomy, science, comics -- we got it all covered in our hood. To make the mood light, we always want our team to create an environment that is filled with music and food -- lighting the stress and in turn improving the productivity and focus of the team at work.

O2b Technologies is the hub of all the fun and innovation. Come, join us and be a part of of one of the best Open Source team in the world. A smarter place for a smarter workforce.

Equal Opportunity For All

We respect individuals and their achievement and the workplace at O2b Technologies is not driven by religion, caste, creed, age, sex or any form of indifference that divides or disintegrate the basic principle of humans first. All the employees of O2b Technologies have equal opportunities and can bring the most out of our environment.

Work With Us

With millions of code to write, hundreds of customers to serve -- we provide the best environment for a professional to flourish and grow beyond his/her horizons. The infrastructure aids the professional to make the most out of his/her skills and innovate beyond the limitation of the current industry.

Value at Work

Culture and Diversity

Culture is the keystone of our habits and success. To maintain collaboration, uniqueness and innovation, we always prefer the routes of performance than any other metric. Other important factors that drive the culture at O2b Technologies is the diversity of partners, employees and stockholders that drive the next generation innovation and growth.

Learn With Us -- Training/Internships

Getting a workforce that is ready for the Industry is not a simple task -- that's why O2b Technologies offers Internships for budding talent and training for the graduates, who are looking to make a mark on the industry. The new entrants gain both knowledge and skills and can work on interesting projects, providing a solid foundation for their career.

Current Opening

We are always looking for talent that can change the course of our company and provide innovative solutions and customer satisfaction. If you think, you have the zeal and passion to bring change, we are waiting to hear from your side.

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