Apparel Industry

Apparel Industry

Apparel Industry

Odoo ERP is a business suite for manufacturing and distribution industries to simplify the processes, which improves customer satisfaction and reduces manual errors by having better control of your business. It’s not at all a matter the clothes, color, design, category and etc whatever, you can handle all those things by a single solution that manages all the complex issues of your apparel industry. Our apparel wholesale ERP provides keeping track of all merchandising and store floor operations for your apparel manufacturing and export industry such as product management, warehouse, material plan, production plan, supply chain, etc. Read more about the apparel industry ERP solution.

How Odoo ERP Modules helps Apparel Industry:

1. Product Management:

This module helps to manage complete product processing which includes pricing, planning, item maintenance and etc.

● Pricing and Promotions

● Forecasting and Planning

● Style/ Item Maintenance

● Costing

2. Customer Service:

This module supports you to respond quickly to your customer’s queries.

● Customer Communications

● Embellishments

● Inquiries and Reporting, Allocation

3. Supply Chain Management:

● Production

● Sourcing

● Quality Assurance

● Vendor/Contractor Portal

● Raw Goods Management

4. Warehouse Management:

● Shipping and Tracking Solutions

● Labour Management

● Slotting Optimization

● Order Management

5. Finance & Accounting:

● Cost Accounting

● General Ledger

● Credit Card Processing

● Accounts Receivable

● Factor Communications

● Accounts Payable

Finally, odoo erp helps to provide accurate information to the appropriate person at the right time and you can access it anytime and anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it improves the productivity and conversation between the customers, vendors, and colleagues. If you are the owner of garment and apparel industry, then you are in the right place.

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