Purchase Management

Gain Complete Visibility into Procurement Process

The most important purchasing strategy is to find the best products at the best prices and best terms, thus any Purchasing Software Should have this as a core requirement.

Odoo Purchase Management help manufactures and traders to streamline procure-to- pay processes, reduce spending on goods and services by reducing wastage and ensure compliance with corporate policies and thus fills requisitions, purchase orders and invoices for the necessary item requirements of various departments in case of shortage in stock or at reorder level, it deals with multiple suppliers in an endeavor to procure new stock and also makes sure that the material is procured in the best possible quality, cost & time.

Purchase Inquiry on the basis of requisition the inquiry is forwarded to different suppliers. The purchase inquiry form enables one to capture all the minute details for an inquiry. One can tag multiple inquiries and raise a common inquiry to the vendor/supplier.

Request for Quotation is created against all the purchase Inquiries raised.

Odoo Purchase Management provides an ability of automatic routing and digital approval to authorize expenditures in accordance with company policy.