Consumer expectations are changing from technology features to business outcomes. In today’s dynamic business environment, firms need to simplify and streamline processes to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiencies.

By minimizing complexity, agile companies can find answers quickly in reams of data, adapt processes to fluctuating market conditions and customer demands and support real-time decision-making with anytime, anywhere operations.

By bringing simple to state-of-the-art, companies can deliver the personalized and contextual experiences when and how their customers and partners expect while positioning themselves to align with new digital business models as quickly as they arise.


Our enterprise resource planning solutions in partnership with SAP include:

Process/advisory consulting and strategic assessment:

Process reengineering, analytics, and risk management solutions for clients enabled by our proprietary Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework enables clients to increase their efficiency and effectiveness to drive superior business outcomes.

Design implementation, M&A integration, and global rollouts:

End-to-end support for SAP implementation from planning for an SAP deployment (including evaluation, strategy, and planning) to creating templates for global rollouts. Our delivery approach and framework enabled by accelerators such as AppReady and custom tool kits aim at driving strategic impact on the long term corporate goals of clients.

Application maintenance and support:

SAP application maintenance and support delivered through shared services-based factory model leveraging our 'Smart OPEX' operational excellence framework and proprietary incident reduction and rationalization methodologies such as ShiftLeftSM framework and "Shrink to Grow"

SAP instance migration, consolidation, and optimization:

Our SAP instance migration and consolidation portfolio includes a well-developed base of standard operating procedures based on our "Lean upgrade" methodology, built on SAP's own ASAP methodology.

Testing services:

Our testing services, enabled by a large pool of SAP testers, comprise the backbone of delivering cost-effective engagement to customers.

Data migration:

Our SAP data migration services leverage the pool of best-in-class methodologies and experts to deliver cost-effective complex data migration with numerous source systems across the globe.

User training:

End-user adaptation and proficiency is at the core of any SAP success story. Our learning and development organization offers various programs according to client needs, enabling clients to adapt SAP pragmatically in their daily operations.

Supported by tools and frameworks such as AppReadySM (a deployment accelerator that delivers a 20% to 30% reduction in time and cost), GenLeanSM (an upgrade assessment framework that decreases cycle time and costs by 25% to 30%), and ERP Health IndexSM (framework that delivers a 20% improvement in performance metrics), we generate impact quickly because of our business domain expertise and experience running complex operations, focusing on what works and making the transformation sustainable.