Customer Relationship Management

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a discipline in which Customer Journey Design is combined with the necessary tools and instruments that optimize and integrate the various touch points of (potential) customers throughout their Customer Journey. This is made possible by the abundance of communications channels such as mobile apps, websites, Facebook pages, direct e-mails, QR codes, YouTube, etc. These media enable companies to listen carefully to the market and to better understand individual customers. Interactions with customers are managed more optimally with odoo Customer Relationship Management. This truly engages the customer. odoo CRM solution comprises aspects such as Digital Marketing, Online Channel Optimization, xRM, Social CRM and Customer Insight. One by one tools that bring about your customer's engagement during their digital quest

odoo Customer relationship management (CRM) is the systematic oversight and maintenance of consumer relationships, and the data, sales, and engagements that go a long with it. CRM systems and applications help businesses easily organize and track customer information, all in one place.

Measure and manage. Pre-built and customizable KPIs show you where your team excels and where they can use more training. Keep your sales and marketing teams working together by coordinating your marketing efforts from inside odoo CRM. Generate more sales with automation, workflows, and advanced reporting. Find exactly what you need through advanced search features, and use shortcuts to complete day-to-day activities quicker. Organize your data with custom views, and collaborate in real time using feeds, calendar sync, and document sharing. odoo CRM strong in lead generation and follow-through, both in automated customer communiqu├ęs and reminders to sales people, can quite literally save the day.