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Odoo is a vast application which accelerates large business processes smoothly. To develop and integrate such a vast application and maintaining it without any adverse effect to business is itself a big risk. Also, to control and maintain an enterprise system is not so simple task that can be done in overnight. So, to prevent from this risk, you need a highly skilled Odoo experts consisting of complete knowledge regarding Odoo.

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ERP helps business to streamline and grow. Every business has an ultimate goal and that is to maximize profit. This can be achieved by several ways like increase in selling price, increase in sales and reducing the operative cost. Your ERP tool will help to achieve all if used it in correct manner. Most of the companies are afraid to implement an ERP knowing the fact that it will only increase their efficiency. The primary reason to this is the cost associated with ERP implementation. Proprietary ERP companies like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and Oracle cost a bomb for implementation.

Migrate to New Odoo v11

Odoo v11 comes with quite a few feature additions and enhancements. The focus in this version is more on manufacturing businesses and their business processes. Odoo 11 is more of a MRP (Manufacturing resource planning) software which controls all major functions of manufacturing be it production, quality, operations, maintenance, or human resource. In brief, it’s a master software catering to all the requirements of your business on a single platform. In this blog post we will explain why should migrate to Odoo v11, if at all, and spell out the migration steps for you in case you have decided to migrate.

Kamlakar Mishra
December 2017   1438 views

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