Odoo 11 by O2b

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Odoo 11 by O2b

08/02/2019 11:13:14 In Our Blog

Odoo is an open source ERP solution. Odoo applies module based architecture ie. you can add several different features and functionalities without hampering other feature of the system. Odoo having minimum dependencies of module on another module, Odoo implementation is one of the easiest way to upgrade the working functionality of the ERP solutions.

Whenever there is a new version is launched it has some added features and this time Odoo version 11. Lets find out some new features added in Odoo 11.

·         Backend operations are between 2x and 3x faster. All frontend views have been redeveloped from scratch to speed up load times and reduce flickering.

·         A new design with a more vibrant color scheme, optimized to adapt to all screen sizes and devices

·         Global search across all settings, improved design, and the ability to switch from the settings of one app to another

·         Configurable and beautiful templates for your report, customization through studio, better file naming of PDFs

·         Improved push notification mechanism, great feedback and rewards are now delivered with a rainbow animation

·         Automate actions and emails based on a campaign flow: follow-up on abandoned carts, automate events reminders, lead nurturing schedules, etc

·         A salary configurator has been developed for the Belgian market to make flexible offers to applicants or appraisals of employees

·         Select multiple vendor bills and pay them all at once. Work to credit a batch of customers via SEPA Direct Debit or credit card tokens.

·         Compare what you have received with the vendor bill to release an invoice for payment

·         Ability to reconcile a payment with several invoices using a button on the payment form.

·         Extensive refactoring in order to boost performance and improve flexibility and robustness.

·         Better warnings to prevent mistakes, visual indicators to notify you of potential errors, and logged notes in the chatter for better history  tracking

·         The CRM application now has its own dashboard icon, no longer combined with the Sales app dashboard.

·         Convert visitors questions into tickets with a keyboard shortcut to create tickets directly from Live Chat (/helpdesk).

·         Email speakers and attendees in just a few clicks

·         Sales and CRM has been split into two different applications for better menus and dashboards.

·         Configuration from product. Subscription as a product type with template selected from the product.

·         Managed in one click from the application. The KPI dashboard added as an option.

·         Manage different prices for different customer types

·         PosBox supports extra screen via HDMI connection


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