Project Management

Projects are complex and they require the utmost attention to detail for success. With high complexity and big team size, projects need a good management to be successful. With correct form of communication, right tools and methodology, the business can easily achieve more success than a cluttered approach.

There are plenty of project management tools on the market. With Odoo, businesses can also utilize the project management solution that is embedded in the Odoo ERP solution.

The Odoo Project Management solution consists of features such as Cost Analysis, Resouce Allocation, Collaboration, Issue Management, Budget Management and more. Choosing a right project management tool by business can easily propel them to new heights and achieve unprecedented success.

Activity Planning :

Activity Planning is one of the key features of Odoo Project Management. With Activity Planning, teams can focus on the task and choose resources and team members to complete an activity or sub-task. The whole project can be divided into achievable tasks which in turn improves execution speed and project progress.Teams can easily schedule tasks, allocate resource for the tasks, assign durations for completing the tasks. Furthermore, they can sequence tasks and define constraints, keeping ambiguity far away from the project.

Cost Analysis:

Almost every stage of a project, be it requirement gathering phase, documentation or coding phase. The costs depend on the complexity and the nature of the project. Clients are interested to know how much they need to shell out for the project to be completed successfully. To overcome the restriction, cost analysis provides a rough estimate of the expenditure of the project.

Resource Allocation:

With Odoo Project Management solution, team leaders can easily allocate resource including time and money that needs to spend on implementing certain feature of a project.

Task Based Billing :

Projects are complex and need to be divided into the simple task using activity planning. For business, who works on task-based approach can leverage the task based billing option for their clients. This approach helps to build trust and also ensure growth for both the client and the project team.

Issue Management :

Projects being complex are always plagued with issues. There can be a technical, managerial or other issues, which needs to be tracked or solved in time. Technical projects generally evolve through time and require bug fixing. With issue management, teams can open tickets and solve the bugs on a continuous process.With Odoo Issue Management, bugs are not annoying -- the whole team can participate in solving a critical bug and also provide feedback if needed.

Budget Management:

Budget Management offers the right tools for team to allocate costs associated with a certain task. It enables transparency and also reflects on the complexity of a certain task.

Collaboration :

It is necessary for any project to be successful. Without Collaboration, simple tasks can go haywire. Odoo understands the importance of collaboration and has real-time tracking of all the activities in the project

Time and Expense Tracking :

Projects have time and expense constraints -- with the help of time and expense tracking, projects can run smoothly and help achieve better returns.

Gantt Charts:

The Project Management Odoo supports Gantt Charts, which in turn enables teams to keep track of the project. The Gantt Chart is used in almost all projects and represents the lingua Franca of time management and project management.

Project Insights Analysis:

o run a project successfully, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of it. With Project Insights Analysis, teams can easily work together and find useful insights that can change the course of action of the project. The insights also help the team prepare for future projects.